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Is a general term used for various sports played on ice or snow! To name a few we’ve got Ice Skating, Skiing, Sledding, Snowboarding, Snowmobiling, and a whole lot more. Different winter sports have different leagues and not all listed above are included in the Olympics. What’s hard about winter sports is that they are only available during the winter and have so little activities all throughout the year. But even with this limited amount of “air-time”, winter sports still attract a good number of bettors, making sportsbook websites list a couple of lines under this niche. Below are betting odds for different winter sporting events and leagues, provided for your convenience.

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Betting and winter sports – What to consider?

Although winter sports events are not as popular with bettors as football betting is, they still offer many possibilities and should be taken into consideration because they offer a lot of variety. Therefore, in the following I have worked out what you can bet on in winter sports at all. The sports bets on winter sports, which are shown in the following, come from the bookmaker Betway, who, with a broad customer base and a very good overall rating in terms of betting offer, bonus and odds, is ideally suited both for newcomers and for experienced sports bettors, and Tipico, who, in addition to the qualities of his green competitor, can score points above all through a good network of betting offices for offline betting.

Definition of winter sports – these sports are included in the report

There are two definitions of winter sports. On the one hand, there are the sports that are declared by the media as winter sports. The focus here is on bobsleigh, skeleton and skiing, such as alpine skiing, ski jumping or biathlon.

The actual scope of winter sports, however, goes even further. In fact, everything that has a season in the winter half-year should be regarded as winter sports. According to this, figure skating and ice hockey, to name two examples, are also winter sports. Accordingly, these bets are also included. This allows a complete picture to be created.

Bets on winter sports – Which ones are offered?

Which winter sports are offered for betting, that can differ from bookmaker to bookmaker actually clearly. A well-assorted bookmaker, who nevertheless shows a small impact in the direction of mass sports, will usually offer ice hockey anyway and this discipline has settled outside the winter sports sector. Because ice hockey has an impact as a mass sport that goes far beyond the usual fan volume of winter sports. The bookmaker Betway, for example, offers the best-known leagues to bet on, including the NHL, the DEL, but also other leagues such as the Czech top league. Ice hockey bets also include all the bookmakers that are usually used. The bookmakers have a very similar range of products.

The situation is somewhat different with bets on classic winter sports in the sense of the media. Alpine ski disciplines and cross-country skiing are represented here by almost every bookmaker. Ski jumping or ski flying, for example, are a bit thinner. Skeleton, i.e. tobogganing, or bobsledding, are also represented by some bookmakers. But here you will have to search for a while, under certain circumstances. These marginal sports are better represented among the winter sports certainly to the Olympic Games with the bookmakers, since at this time also the public interest is a completely different one than in a regular season.

Where can I find bets on winter sports with the bookmakers?

With the mentioned exception of ice hockey, which certainly gets its own category for betting at every bookmaker, there are differences in how easily bets on winter sports can be found. Even in the field of top bookmakers these differences are present. This is also shown by the comparison of the top addresses for online betting Tipico and Betway. While the green Englishman Betway simply places winter sports bets in the regular sidebar as long as they are offered, but where they have to be found among many other sports, the successful chain store Tipico has a separate category “winter sports”, which can then be opened and all winter sports bundled into subcategories.

Winter sports Sports betting

Finally, in my opinion, this separate presentation is the more clever one. However, the representation does not have to say anything about the size of the offer.

What types of bets are offered on winter sports?

The whole range of special bets that you are used to from football bets you will not find in winter sports classic. Only ice hockey can be similarly well equipped in this respect, depending on the bookmaker. Nevertheless, the classic winter sports also offer some interesting possibilities.

So with sports like biathlon or alpine skiing there are always the possibilities to let two competitors compete against each other in a duel and to guess which is the better one. This type of betting on winter sports allows you to bet A or B on odds comparable to football bets. A type of bet that is very popular among the masses in this country. Bookmakers are trying to make winter sports a little more friendly as far as the possibilities of betting are concerned. Also bets on an overall victory of an event or, if one is not so sure, bets on the fact that an athlete reached the first 3 places are possible. This results in some very interesting odds. However, these bets are rather bad as part of a combination bet suitable, because with a combination the risk is quickly very high.

Winter biathlon

Furthermore, in some sports, such as ski jumping, you can bet on who will leave the season as the overall winner. At the time of this report, for example, Tipico offered a bet on the overall winner of the FIS World Cup.

What you’re looking for in vain are overflowing special bets, such as on the number of falls on the downhill or the number of misses in the biathlon. Such things would be conceivable. After all, Formula 1 bets are not uncommon either, which ask how many cars make it to the finish line. Nevertheless, they are not offered. Here winter sports is probably too much marginal sport and too little mass sport.

Tips for choosing a bookmaker

There is a lot to consider when choosing a bookmaker. Unfortunately, if you are interested in a future bookmaker who also offers winter sports betting, you can’t do everything right. Winter sports fall back year after year into the status of marginal sports as new generations of sports fans grow up. The times when almost everyone watched the downhill in Kitzbühel live are long gone. Too bad actually. Because sport is more honest and not as overshadowed by economic concerns as football, less scandalous as cycling and certainly less predictable as Formula 1. Nevertheless, this cannot be changed. Accordingly, bookmakers will perhaps reduce their supply over time, which is probably simply due to the low demand. Whoever chooses a bookmaker can only wait with the selection until the winter sport that interests him is really up to date. Then it is best to see whether the bookmaker is currently serving them. This should really wait until a few days before the competition. Because often single bets are fed in to competitions shortly before. Before that there is only a bet for the season available. There is no guarantee that the offer in the following year will be just as large. Those who choose a bookmaker in summer can only rely on tips. I currently recommend Tipico when it comes only to winter sports. The bookmaker is best suited for the rest of the year and offers, as an extra, a quite well sorted assortment of winter sports bets, which also shines with good clarity. Alternatively test reports and experiences of other winter sport friends can be looked for in the net. However also here with the melancholy drop that the information could be already outdated in the coming winter.

Combined bets on winter sports

Combined bets are popular because their combination produces rewarding odds. As already mentioned, there are sports in winter sports that are simply unsuitable for combined betting. Cross-country skiing, biathlon or alpine ski competitions, on the other hand, are often included in the programme with duel bets, as described above. For combined bets on winter sports I would personally recommend these bets. With really calculable risks they result in combination similar chances of winning, like football bets. Of course, you should always bear in mind that these require a knowledge of the sport. Especially in biathlon there are sometimes large amounts of data that can be summarized into statistics that are in no way inferior to statistics on football bets. Who shoots how well? Who can cope better with certain temperatures? Who can still shoot accurately in strong wind and gusts? These are all questions that make betting on winter sports quite professional if you want to. Then you can make fabulously good profits here.

By their nature of allowing only 2 bets at a time, one of which can almost always have a odds of at least 2, these duel bets are also an ideal approach for betting strategies based on doubling. This allows you to earn secure profits in the long run.

Betting on Winter Sports – A Conclusion

They’re all there. However one can hardly honestly predict how long they are still in the program of a bookmaker. After all it is also conceivable that a bookmaker expands his betting offer for winter sports, if already now many winter sports fans cavort with him. Winter sports betting can nevertheless be very interesting. Especially for die-hard fans of some sports, such as biathlon, there are also great chances to win. There are even levers for tactics and strategy. If you tackle it correctly, then bets on winter sports are much better suited to win money than other sports are. Unfortunately, there is a tendency for these to be reduced rather than increased in a few years’ time as they become less popular with the general public. At the moment, however, if you invest some time in the search, you can still place a bet on almost every event in winter sports. For unusual requests, it is often a good idea to send an e-mail to the bookmaker or call the support. With some bookmakers, special bets are possible, which the bookmaker only sets up for you.