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Volleyball is an Olympic sport that was first played in 1895 in Massachusetts, United States. Each team’s target is to ground the ball on the other team’s court. Today, volleyball isn’t just huge in the United States but in different countries around the world as well. Being an Olympic sport, athletes of the sport strive to be the best in their league and in the international scene. We have gathered all possible Volleyball sporting events and leagues below for your convenience. With them is their individual betting odds for upcoming games

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Volleyball is a setback game in which two teams face each other on one half of the pitch. The pitch is separated by a net over which the ball is thrown. The aim of the game is to bring the ball to the ground of the opposing team.

Volleyball is played in the hall. There is also beach volleyball, which is played on sand outdoors. Officially, there are two different sports, but the ways of playing are identical except for small differences. Beach volleyball has become increasingly popular in recent years and enjoys greater media attention than traditional volleyball tournaments.


The sport originated in the United States and was invented in February 1895 by William G. Morgan, Sports Director of the Christian Young People’s Association in Holyoke, USA. He wanted to offer an alternative sport to basketball, which in the early days was played “harder” than today. In the early days of volleyball, the number of players was unlimited and the number of touches was unrestricted. The name comes from the fact that the ball is hit directly “volley” in the game. This property was taken as the name for the new game and transferred accordingly.

The distribution to Asia and Europe took place relatively shortly afterwards. The newly developed sport found more and more followers over time. In 1910 regulations were introduced which are still valid today: Six players per team and a maximum of three ball contacts until the game on the opposing half.

Volleyball techniques such as digging, blocking, etc. were developed in Europe and introduced into the game. These techniques conquered and shaped this sport to such an extent that they are now the characteristics of volleyball.

Volleyball is organised and represented by the FIVB, the International Volleyball Federation, founded in Paris in 1947. Soon after its foundation, the first World Volleyball Championship was held. In addition to the FIVB, there are also independent and subordinate continental federations. The organisation is quite similar to that of football.

Explanation of the rules for volleyball

Sports rules The playing field measures 18 x 9m and is surrounded by an open area. In the middle it is separated by a net which is stretched at a height of 2.43 m for men and 2.24 m (upper edge) for women. The net height is fixed at one metre. The net posts are anchored outside the pitch in the free zone. In addition to the side and end lines, there is another line three metres from the centre line above the net which marks the front field. The lines are fully part of the playing area.

To win a game, a team must win at least three out of five sets. The sets are played in rally counts up to 25 each, with at least two points to win. This applies to the first four sets. If there is a draw at this time, only 15 points will be played in the fifth set, but there must be at least two points advantage.

In beach volleyball, sets are only played up to 21 points and only a maximum of three sets are played. In addition, only two players play in a team. The field is a bit smaller at 16 x 8 meters.

Volleyball betting

In beach volleyball only 2 players per team play. If the leading team reaches the eighth or sixteenth point, a technical time-out of one minute is given in the first four sets. In addition, each team has two 30-second time-outs per set.

Other basic rules of the game are:

  • The ball may only be touched once in a row by each player, unless the second touch occurs after a block.
  • The ball must be hit and must not be guided.
  • The net must not be intentionally grasped or touched.
  • After one point the players have to change their line-up to rotation.

A point is scored if the ball touches the ground on the opponent’s half or is played out by the opponent.

The game is led by a first referee in a raised position. A second referee is standing at the edge of the pitch. There is also a clerk to document the progress of the game. Linesmen indicate whether a ball was still inside the pitch or not.

The referees may issue cautions for infringements of the rules and, if a player is guilty of more than one offence or a gross offence, sanction them with a yellow or red card. The punishment can be a suspension of a current set or a disqualification for the entire season.

Volleyball bet types

The betting possibilities for volleyball are very extensive. Not least because around one sixth of the world’s population is in some way connected with this sport and therefore the interest of the providers is correspondingly high.

  • Winner – There is no draw in volleyball. For this reason, only 2-way bets are offered for winning bets, which theoretically equals a 50% chance. However, if you consider the actual strengths of the teams, this ratio can change dramatically.
  • Overall winner – The overall winner can either be the champion of a league or the winner of a tournament.
  • Over Under – As there are many points falling during a volleyball game, this sport is very suitable for Over Under Betting. This is also an optimal betting option if you are not sure which team would win, but you are supposed to score few or many points.
  • Set bets – Set bets exist in various forms. So you can bet on the one hand on the exact final result after sets. In addition, this can also be combined with over- and under-similar forms, such as the number of sets in the entire game.
  • Who gets X points first? Also always in the offer are bets to the “race”, i.e. to a certain number of points in a set. Here it depends on who reaches a certain number of points first. These are extremely dangerous bets, because even the most outrageous underdog can reach this score first.

Tips and tricks

A tip can be taken directly from the previous paragraph. Do not bet on bets that are too risky and have to do only with luck and chance. The result is not calculable and such bets are lost according to experience very fast. Depending on the game situation, it is also possible for inferior teams to score these points.

In addition, all possible information about team performance and the current situation should be taken into account.

It can be very successful to take over sub bets on the number of sets on the betting slip. Depending on the strengths of the teams, the probability is very high that a team does not win 3:0, but could in any case make a set. You have to see if the odds are worth more than 3.5 sets. Often you can celebrate success here.

Important events

International volleyball competitions take place regularly on all continents. First, there are the Olympic Games, where the most attention is paid to the sport that is often not so present. World championships organized by the FIVB also take second place.

In addition, as in football, all continental federations host continental championships, which in the case of Europe is the European Volleyball Championship.

Apart from that, the FIVB also organises the World Cup, the World League and the World Grand Prix.

Important volleyball teams

Sports Player Teams True volleyball powers are Brazil, Poland, the USA, Russia, Italy as well as Cuba, Japan, Serbia and now also China. The German national team also has a high level of quality, but the successes in recent years have not been so great.


Only recently there was a very special record at the 2014 World Championship in Poland. The opening match was attended by 62,000 spectators. Never before has there been a volleyball match with more spectators.