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Tennis is undoubtedly the most watched racquet sport today. Did you know that it was first played in England in 1859? Today Tennis cups that are run by the International Tennis Federation has so many international events each year ensuring that fans of the sport never run out of exciting games to watch. Scattered throughout sportsbook websites are different betting lines for the next Tennis event held in exotic locations around the world. We know how much fans love to bet on the next Tennis game, that’s why we’ve taken the time to compile all available Tennis events and leagues from around the world along with their betting odds below.

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In the public perception tennis is unfortunately not as present as this sport once was. Especially in Germany the time of the great players like Steffi Graf, Boris Becker, Michael Stich and the many other names seems to be over. In contrast to this, tennis is very popular in Switzerland, as the Swiss Roger Federer, Stanislas Wawrinka and Martina Hingis are the ones who have achieved success and fame. Austria also always offers top players on the ATP and WTA tours, but the last successes, for which Jürgen Melzer stands first and foremost, are already a time ago.

Sports History

The original form of today’s tennis game comes from France, where it was first known under the term “Jeu de Paume” as a setback game played with the palms of the hands. The peculiarity was that it was played in a rectangular playing surface on which a net was stretched in the middle over which the ball had to be played. Also in France, this sport continued to develop and laid the foundations for a wider distribution among the population.

Similar to football, however, the first binding rules in England were drawn up and laid down by the English Major Walter Clopton Wingfield in 1874. He had these patented and ran the game under the name “Sphairistike”. The way of playing as it is known today was only developed in July 1877 in Wimbledon in the course of the first world championships.

Until then, the game was more of a leisure activity or semi-professional sport. Only the few professional players were admitted to the tournaments and it was extremely difficult to enter this field. However, this changed in the 1920s, when only amateurs were admitted to the tournaments.

In 1925, tennis was removed from the Olympic program. In 1988 the sport was resumed. As early as 1968, when the restriction to amateurs was abolished, the largest tournaments, even today, became considerably more important.

Tennis can be played as a single (two players against each other) or as a double (four players, two each in a team). Double games can also be played mixed, with one male and one female member each forming the team.

Tennis can be played on different surfaces: Turf, sand and hard court

The course of a tennis tournament and explanation of the rules for tennis

Sports rules In essence, it is important that a player plays the ball over or past the net more often than the opponent. It should be noted that the ball touches the ground only once in its own half before it is played, the ball is played only once with the bat, the ball is not touched with the body and the net is not touched in any way, neither with the body nor with the bat.

Aim of the game:

To win a match, you have to win more sets than your opponent. In order to win a set, you have to win more (service) games (= points) than your opponent. Normally you have to win six service games. A point is always scored if the opponent places the ball outside the opposite playing field or if the opponent can no longer validly return the ball.

The number of sets:

As a rule, two sets are played in a game. In the case of men and large tournaments, there can also be three sets. In the Grand Slam tournaments and in the Davis Cup, the men play on three won sets, whereby a maximum of five sets are played here. Women always play a maximum of three sets. Outside the Grand Slam and Davis Cup matches, however, the men always play a maximum of three sets.

Winning a set:

As a rule, six service games must be won in the sets. The first player to win six games wins the set by 6:3 or 6:4, for example. If the score is 6:5, one more point must be scored to win the set with 7:5. But if the opponent scores one more point, the score is 6:6 and the tie break is reached. This tie break lasts until seven points or until one player is two points ahead.

Winning a (service) game:

At the beginning of a ball change there is always the serve. The serving player must play the ball into the diagonally opposite small field. For this he has two service attempts per point to be played. If both attempts fail, the opponent receives the point due to a “double error”. The players serve alternately.

The first player to score more than four points in the service game wins the game. If the score is 3:3, you play until a player has 2 more points (e.g. 5:3 or 6:4). Somewhat peculiar is the usual way of scoring points within the service games: 0=0, 1=15, 2=30, 3=40 (a 3:2 would therefore be a 40:30). If you score the fourth point, you win your opponent’s service game (“break”). If it is 40:40 in a service game, this is called a deuce. From then on, a player’s fifth point is called an advantage. Only the player’s point achieved in the advantage is decisive for the corresponding service game.

In professional tournaments, the game is led by referees. This is once a main referee who follows the game on a high seat and other referees who judge whether a hit ball was out.

Types of Tennis Bets

Sports Betting possibilities Due to the popularity of this sport, especially in the context of large tournaments, the betting possibilities are extremely varied and mature. In professional tennis, there is the WTA Women’s Tour, in which WTA tournaments all over the world are won. For the men of the guild there is the equivalent of the ATP Tour. These two tours usually offer the most betting opportunities. These usually look a little less rosy at ITF competitions or “Challenger”.

  • Winning bet – It is clear that you can bet on the winner of a game. In tennis, this is done within the framework of a 2-way bet, as there are only two possible outcomes. A draw is not possible.
    Set winner In addition to the bet on the winner of the entire match, you can also bet on the winner of the first or the respective set.
  • Over-sub bets – Meanwhile, over-sub bets are also offered as standard. Here the possibilities are numerous and bets can be placed, for example, on the number of games played in the match, the number of sets or the number of games within a set. With individual sports betting providers, there can also be unusual bets at large events, such as on the number of double errors of a player. However, such bets are really an exception.
  • Handicap bets – Handicap bets are also a popular alternative to the “classics” in tennis. Due to the constellation of many games, tennis is ideally suited for this type of betting and there are often clear differences in performance between the players, which can be seen in the game. In these bets, the bet on a handicap in the sets on the games is offered first and foremost.
  • Exact result – Last but not least you can bet on the final result. Since there are not too many possible outcomes here, the number of bets is also strongly limited. However, these can in fact be interesting bets if you have a tendency to play, because the odds can be good.

Tips and Tricks

There are actually only a few tips or tricks in the field of tennis that can be given as help, as the game itself and therefore the bets allow only a limited extent. In general, however, it can be said that information on current performances, events, etc. is extremely important, especially in tennis.

After all, it is a single sport and it always depends on the current performance level of this individual (except for doubles). It is different with teams, where fluctuations can be absorbed or even players are exchanged. So it does not have to mean that a player, who was once absolute top class, still is after one or two years. Personal highs and lows can of course also influence the performance and thus also bring surprises to previously unknown players.

In general you should concentrate more on the games of the ATP- (Association of Tennis Professionals) and WTA-Tour (Women’s Tennis Association), because there is hardly any information for other competitions and the less known players playing there. This is already difficult for players of the ATP and WTA.

In addition, it is strongly recommended to stick to the better known betting options. Too exotic is usually also too risky.

Important Tennis Info & Highlights

Under this point, the most important events, tennis tournaments, the most important players and teams, but also the historical records will be closely examined and briefly presented. As a rule, each year before the ATP and the WTA the already mentioned international tournaments are played out, where the players can collect points and are accordingly also listed in the world rankings. In some cases there are already considerable prize money to be collected.

The most prominent events are the four “Grand Slams”: the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

  • Tournament/Paving: Location: Date:
  • Australian Open (hard court) Melbourne January
  • French Open (Sand) Paris May/June
  • Wimbledon (lawn) London June/July
  • US Open (hard court) New York August/September

In addition, at the end of a season there are also the ATP World Tour Finals as well as the ATP Masters Series and the WTA Tour Championships for women. In addition to these events, the team events Davis Cup (men) and Fed Cup (women) are also important.

Prominent players, records and curiosities in tennis

Sports Player Teams Tennis has a number of names that almost everyone has heard before. Each new generation of players produces new stars. Nevertheless, there are some players who have had a decisive influence on this sport and who have set numerous records. Especially in tennis there have been a lot of incredible and astonishing top performances over time: the shortest or longest match of all time, the fastest serve, the longest winning streak, the most titles won, the highest prize money – there seems to be no limit here.

So Boris Becker stands for being the youngest Wimbledon winner of all times and for this reason he still has the corresponding popularity today. Steffi Graf has also achieved incredible successes. She was the first player who managed to win all Grand Slam tournaments in one year and to stay on top of the world rankings for 377 weeks.

Especially the current player stars like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal set numerous records. Federer holds the record for the most Grand Slam tournaments won, the most final victories in a row, the longest time as world number one in men’s rankings, and many other records. Djokovic played the longest Grand Slam final against Nadal and Nadal has the longest winning streak on clay.

Betting offer Due to the enormous professionalization, the income from prize money, advertising as well as entry fees, which the top players receive from the organizers solely for participating in the tournaments, is also suspected to be record. These amounts in tennis have risen to such an extent that even many football stars can probably only rub their eyes. However, it is primarily a strong concentration of funds on the top of this sport.

An incredible record is that of the longest ball change in tennis. It lasted 3 hours 33 minutes – 6202 times the ball was played over the net.

As a curiosity the Russian player Anna Kournikova and her entry as a firm component into the Pokerspiel is to be called still to be mentioned, as far as the sheet ace king is named after her. This is due to the fact that this hand looks very good, but rarely wins – like the queen herself. The Russian player Maria Sharapova is just as curious and world-famous for her “moaning” during the strokes, as these can reach an enormous volume.

Last but not least, there is the US-American Serena Williams, who is probably the best female player of all times and is crowned with unbelievable success. A defeat is an absolute rarity for her.