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Table Tennis is HUGE in China. Though the sport did not originate from China, some of the best players in the world are from China. Table Tennis was first played in the 1880’s in England. Table Tennis is part of the Olympics since 1988 and has proven over and over that this “miniature” Tennis game is so competitive it requires a great deal of concentration and accuracy to be able to excel in the game. The game is either played in single or doubles and the highest governing body is the ITFF or International Table Tennis Federation. We have listed all the Table Tennis events and leagues below along with their betting odds.

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Table tennis rules & explanation with practical tips

The sport of table tennis belongs to the group of ball sports. At the end of the 19th century, table tennis became famous mainly in England. The English played this sport under the name Ping Pong. Meanwhile, table tennis is very popular almost everywhere in the world and is even practiced as a competitive sport. Table tennis is the fastest rebound sport in the world.

The basic rules for playing table tennis

Table tennis is played on a table tennis table which is traditionally matt green or matt blue. Two players, two table tennis bats and a table tennis ball are required to play table tennis. The aim of the game is to score more points than the opponent. To achieve this goal, the ball must be played with a table tennis bat in such a way that the opponent makes a mistake if possible. This mistake ends the mutual rally and the player who made no mistake scores one point. At the beginning of the game, the ball must lie on the open palm of the player who begins serving. The serve must then throw the ball vertically at least 16 cm high. The ball that falls should be hit by the serve in such a way that it hits the tabletop first.

Tactical procedure and the playing principle

Each player plays on one half of the net. Once the serve has hit the ball, it should hit the opponent’s half or at least touch the edge of the table after the net set has been hit once. The opponent must also be able to see the ball at all times during the service phase. In this way, the opponent has the chance to react quickly and hit the ball back. The serve must be repeated if a correctly struck ball touches the net. If the ball touches the net set and then falls into the playing field of the serve, this is a mistake which gives the opponent a point. As with tennis, a second attempt is not possible. If the serve is not able to accept the ball after it has been thrown up, this would also be considered a mistake.

These mistakes should be avoided when playing table tennis.

There are many other mistakes that are common when playing table tennis. For example, you should avoid flying balls that occur when a player stops the ball in any way before the ball has touched the table. In addition, the ball may not be hit more than once on its own half of the table, be covered on service, or deliberately touched more than once. It is also forbidden to touch the table or the net during the ball change or to move the table tennis table. A further mistake would occur if the ball was not immediately returned to the opposing half of the table. The opponent receives one point per mistake. The change of ball is also stopped if the referee interrupts the game.

End of play and possible overtime in table tennis

The table tennis game usually consists of several sets. Among others, the game variants “best of three” or “best of five” (three or five winning sets) are possible. A set ends when a table tennis player has won eleven points and is at least two points ahead. If a game is a tie, extra time is played. If a player has a two point advantage, extra time also ends.

Table tennis is practised both as a competitive sport and as a leisure sport. There are various national and international table tennis clubs. The playing style of the hobby table tennis players differs from that of the professional players especially with regard to the speed of the ball change. The technique is also much better developed for professional players than for players who only play table tennis in their free time. Although there are sports in which the respective play equipment reaches even higher speeds, the flight time in table tennis is still shorter than in other sports. This is one reason why table tennis is still regarded as the sport with the shortest reaction times.