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Snowboarding is now an Olympic sport that was first played in 1964 in the United States. It’s crazy to think that it has been 20 years since Snowboarding was added in 1998 as part of the winter Olympics. How awesome is that? Despite is the stature of being an Olympic sport; the game has always been big in separate events that happen all over the world. Since its creation, it has gathered a lot of fans from around the world and was boosted through the early years of the X-Games, if you still remember that. We have provided below different Snowboarding events along with their respective betting odds.

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The winter is slowly picking up speed and the first laps have whetted our appetite for more and we have got used to having a board on our feet and snow underneath. In order to extend your “bag of tricks” a little this winter, we have put together a list, which might be a little inspiration and motivation for you and where you say: “I want to be able to do that at the end of winter”. Whether you’re a freestyle beginner or a hardcore pro, there’s something for you. Buckle up and get started!

Beginner: Backflip

Backflips look dangerous, but they are not… mostly at least. Once you have the courage to throw yourself backwards headlong without compromise, you have already won a lot. Overcoming it is the most difficult part of this trick, you can believe us. Try your first backflips on steep jumps with a lot of kick and soft landing – in deep powder not much can go wrong. But don’t forget your helmet, because if something really goes wrong, it can save your life.

Beginners: Butter Tricks in Powder

A whole new world opens up off the slopes and often you don’t have to go that far into the backcountry to find some untracked places for your first butter tricks. Again “learning by doing” applies as often and as much as possible, because the board feeling has to develop first. Try small wheelies, then install a Backside 180 and ride on. Slowly you can work your way forward and string the tricks together until you twirl through the backcountry with ease. A little tip: Speed is your friend and makes many things easier – don’t worry, the slams don’t hurt here!

Beginner: Backside Noseslide

You should of course practice and perfect your first backside board slides on flat boxes and simple rails in the park before you take on streetrails, but you’ll see how fast you make progress. Backside boardslides are relatively easy because the weight distribution is not very complex and you can practice the trick very well while standing. It is important not to lean back too much as you will slip away so quickly. If you have the Backside Noselslide outside, you can deal with the last part, the “Pretzel”. Therefore you have to spin “hardway” off the rail, i.e. a 270 degree spin against the direction you turned on the rail.

Advanced: 540 to Method

Simon Gschaider is one of the young savages of the snowboard circus and even if he doesn’t come from an area blessed with mountains and parks, the boy is really pushing it. His 540 to Method is a very impressive trick and you should also include it in your repertoire. And work on your style, because that’s the only way this trick, which requires a lot of skill and control, looks good.

Advanced: Cab 270 to Frontside Boardslide to Regular

Anna Gasser is not only a power in the air, she also has more tricks on the rails than many of her male colleagues. The Cab 270 is best driven switch on and then landed directly under the binding on the rail. Then you have to find the balance and stop the rotation so that you can drive out regularly at the end. At the beginning you will often turn around and switch from the rail, but that looks good and is a good start.

(Very) Advanced: Back 1 to Switch 50-50 (to Switch Back 3 out)

What makes Seb Toots look so simple here is actually extremely difficult and probably requires a lot of practice. But once you get the hang of it, you can really impress your friends. The Backside 180 on the rail is heavy because you have to rely on your feeling and not on your eyes. The Switch 50/50 shouldn’t be the big problem, but turning the body back in the opposite direction requires a lot of skill. It all starts with Back 1, which you should be able to do in your sleep. Add the Switch Back 3 when you feel secure and on your way to the Pro.

Pro: Back 180 on Switch 50/50 over a long trail

Dominik Wagner shows it off in “Spice” and proves that he is one of the best in the streets. Jumping backside onto a rail is a good idea after a few attempts, but then shooting Switch down the rail at high speed takes a lot of courage – especially if you have a kink coming your way. Have fun practicing and don’t forget: welcome the pain with a smile!

Pro: Building a massive powder jump

It’s not about what trick you do, it’s about testing the limits and pushing your level up. To conjure a fat powderjump (with or without gap) into the landscape is an art in itself. But standing in deep snow, especially when you have to land switch, is something for professionals and even the best park riders of this planet often have a hard time in the backcountry. Triples and quads in the park, one tomahawk after another in the powder – go out and become a complete rider who can perform in all positions.

Pro: Knuckle and piste tricks like Marcus Kleveland

Ok, we admit it, Marcus Kleveland has put something pretty good forward, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try it. Find a nice spot on the piste where you can’t collide with anyone and let your creativity run free. There’s no limit to your imagination and if you really step on the gas, you’ll impress your friends and sponsors – guaranteed!