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The game of Snooker was first played in 1870’s by British officers stationed in India. Played in a larger table then regular pool, and a lot more balls, this sport created its own distinct niche that people love to watch and place wagers with. Seen in different online betting websites today, the game has shown a steady popularity over the years and considered a true betting sport by some. What we did is that we compiled all the upcoming Snooker events and leagues from around the world to provide the best options to where a person can bet using Bitcoins. Provided along with those events are betting odds for your advantage.

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Snooker is not yet with all betting providers in the portfolio to find, because it belongs to the exotics. Snooker sport bets are still quite unknown in Germany, finally there are here also only approximately 4000 players, who pursue the sport and are organized in a club. In Great Britain, however, snooker enjoys a far greater popularity and therefore it is no wonder that it is above all the British bookmakers who offer bets on snooker.

The best players come from England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Snooker, which is also a snooker subspecies, is also very popular in the former Commonwealth countries. Bets on snooker should only be placed by those who have the necessary expertise. Only those who are familiar with the rules can make a successful bet.

Bet on snooker: What you need to know

Snooker is a subspecies of billiards and it is all about pocketing balls in a certain order. This is a very tactical game, because there are certain rules regarding the order of the balls, which of course must be taken into account when tapping on Snooker. For this reason, nothing works without sports betting strategies. Snooker is divided into so-called frames – the table rounds. In these rounds it is about the fact that a certain order must be considered.

On the table there are different coloured balls, which must be played in an exactly given change into the pocket of the table. The game ends as soon as the opponent has no more chance to exceed the points of his opponent. In this case, the snooker sports bets are also considered won if they have predicted this result.

All details: Background information about betting on Snooker

Before you can place a bet on Snooker at all, you must first find a bookmaker who offers this sport. We recommend reading our betting provider comparison. If you also want to generate an attractive welcome bonus and prefer a bookmaker with high odds, you should also take a look at our Betting Bonus Comparison Guide and the Odds Comparison. In addition, the sports weather must inform itself about the rules of the game. In snooker sports betting, two opponents always face each other. The game is played with 15 red and six other coloured balls. An additional white ball is used to enter the game. The goal of Snooker is to sink a ball first. After that, a different colored ball must be played and each time alternating with red, it continues with a different color.

The main balls always remain in the pockets and all other colours are returned to their starting position immediately after the hole has been made. This is done until there are no red balls left in the game. In this case, the balls with the other colours are then perforated in the order of their value. Points are awarded for red, two points for yellow, three points for green, four points for brown, five points for blue, six points for pink and six points for black, the ball with the highest score is awarded with seven points. If a ball is not pocketed according to the rules, the players change. The frame is completed when all the balls have been potted. Snooker SportSnooker is a sport that is particularly popular in England.

In practice: Snooker betting in the practical test

Snooker is a sport with a lot of tactics, which is exactly what is required when it comes to snooker sports betting. At some point every player is faced with the situation that he is not able to play the next ball as originally planned. For example, because his tactics didn’t work out or because the previous shot went differently than planned. That’s what betting on snooker is all about. Because a successful snooker player plans his shots and moves well in advance. He must also use the right technique to get the ball where he needs it.

In practice, this requires the right twist and the force must be well dosed to get the ball or white ball to exactly where it needs to go. If you don’t make it, in practice you try to push the ball in such a way that it stays in place so that your opponent has no chance of pocketing the required ball. This tactic plays an important role, because this process is also called snooker and is therefore the eponym for this game and of course also for snooker sports bets.

Snooker sports bets are an interesting niche

All major bookmakers offer snooker sports betting – especially if they are based in the UK. Therefore, not only does bet-at-home offer a sufficient number of snooker bets, but also betway, for example. After all, many top players come from Great Britain. The most popular tournaments are also run by the UK. Not only the choice of tournaments is important, but also which betting markets are offered.

So find the best provider for sports betting on Snooker

Although there are many snooker tournaments, not every sports betting provider also offers these in its portfolio. Even if snooker is available, most of the time only the top events are offered. These include Wuxi Classic, Shanghai Masters, Australian Goldfields Open, UK Championship, International Championship and the German German Masters. There is also a Snooker World Championship. If you are therefore looking for a betting provider, you should make sure that not only the above competitions are available, but also various betting markets and not just tips on the winner.

Very important is also that there is as a reward for the new registration a sports bet voucher or even a bet bonus without deposit, which can also be used for snooker. The customer service should be available during the most important seasons and ideally the employees also speak German. Very important is also the odds level, because this is crucial for how high the winnings on a particular bet is. Since, of course, a deposit is required before any bet can be made, sports betting payment methods should also include the method the player prefers. If you like betting on the go, you have to take a look at the respective sports betting apps and check whether the application works with your smartphone or tablet PC.

Conclusion: Betting on snooker requires a lot of tactics and knowledge of the rules

If you like to bet on snooker or other sports, you first have to choose a serious and safe bookmaker. Then it depends on it, which bet selection within the range Snooker is offered. Are they only the big tournaments of the world championships, or are there also smaller tournaments available? What about the betting markets? Ideally, there is also an extensive selection of real-time bets. In addition, there is the odds level, which should also be attractive and lucrative in the snooker area. Sport tipsters who want to place successful bets on snooker need to know not only the rules but also the tactics of the players. If the tipper then also decides on an optimal bookmaker, an attractive bonus usually attracts, which can also be redeemed for tips on snooker.