Rugby Union Bitcoin Sports Betting

The Rugby Union or Rugger to most fans is commonly known as Rugby. It is part of the two codes that split in half a few decades ago. The sport has clearly attracted a lot of fans and bettors from around the world making it something that is worth listing in online betting websites. There are different Rugby leagues and events all over the world that one can place wagers by using Bitcoins. We have listed these events and leagues below along with their upcoming betting odds for your convenience.

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Together with football, rugby is one of the most popular sports in Great Britain – which is why rugby is mainly offered by bookmakers with British roots. Rugby later developed into Canadian Football and American Football. The Rugby Union and Rugby League versions are the most popular on the betting portals. In contrast to American football, these games are played without protective clothing.

This causes injuries in almost every match. The game lasts two times 40 minutes and each team consists of fifteen field players. The winner is the team that scored the most points.

Rugby Types: The Most Known Forms

British rugby is considered the archetype of the elliptical ball game. This has led to the development of the following three forms of play, which are internationally recognised:

  • American Football: The Classic
  • Canadian Football: Larger pitch and more players
  • Australian Football: playing field is oval

It often happens that sports betting friends link two championships with the terms Rugby Union and Rugby League. But that’s not true, because both terms refer to different types of rugby games with different numbers of players and different rules. The classic is the Rugby Union.

Bet types: What are the betting options for rugby bets?

Rugby bets are ideal for over/under bets. Before the start of the game, most bookmakers offer the following bet types:

  • Over/Under
  • 3-Way Bet
  • Handicap total playing time
  • Handicap 1st half of the game
  • advantage in profits

The 3 way bet is slightly different from the classic 3 way bet, since a draw practically never occurs. This is because the points in a rugby match are calculated from different actions of the players. A bet on X is therefore not very promising.

Rugby betting tips and tricks

In a live game, it is possible to type after each try – the so-called try. Therefore the game has to be followed live, because the weather has to know which team is in possession of the ball in order to limit the risk factor. If the teams have different strengths, the handicap bet on the first half is very suitable. Usually the odds here are 1.8 to 2.1 and so a 50 to 50 chance is given. This rises when the friend of the rugby bet also knows the teams very well.

Handicap bets on the overall result are still somewhat easier to play, since usually the superior team will extend their points advantage even further towards the end. Although such total handicap bets are a little riskier, they also offer higher odds. In the case of live bets, it is often worth placing a bet on the losing team, because the first half of the game is usually balanced and only towards the end does the winner emerge. However, only a small stake should be risked.

Tips on the Rugby Union and Rugby League

In our experience most of the bets are on the Union. In Europe, the leagues Aviva Premiership in Great Britain and the French Top 14 dominate. The standard betting programme also includes the Heineken European Cup and the six-nation tournaments of the selected teams. The German national team is currently struggling to move up from the 1B Group to the 1A Group. Good bookmakers also offer top leagues from South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. You can also bet on the coming champion or the winner of a match as a pre-match or long-term bet. The most popular betting options are handicap betting, over/under and overall advantage.

The Rugby League is treated in the same way as the Union, with most matches taking place in England and Australia. On the fifth continent, the National Rugby League (NRL) is the top league. In the UK there are also bets in the Super League.

Chances of winning: What’s in rugby betting?

Rugby bets are particularly lucrative, as the odds are above average compared to other sports. But since the national rugby leagues are pretty balanced, this betting market is more for real professionals. Our experts advise that beginners in particular should first focus on the matches of the national teams. In the Rugby League, the teams from Australia and New Zealand are particularly worthwhile. Because they clearly dominate the competition and thus make a tip less risky. In the case of Rugby Union, we recommend tips on England, Ireland or Wales. On the other hand, bets on the French, who have been among the top 3 for many years, are no longer recommended. In addition, we advise you to make up an appropriate strategy for a rugby bet. Find out more in our guidebook!

Conclusion: Rugby betting is for professionals and requires a lot of skill.

If you want to generate profits with rugby betting, you need a lot of expertise and a high level of skill. A lot of statistics have to be read and analysed and a suitable strategy has to be found. Some betting providers – especially those who are in the top places in our test of betting providers – offer their customers suitable strategies on the website and shed light on the dark of rugby rules. This also helps to ensure that the tip ends successfully.