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The Rugby League is a full contact team sport and one of the two codes of Rugby. The sport was first played in 1895 and is very popular in countries like Papua New Guinea, some states of Australia, New Zealand, in Northern Ireland, and southwest France. The game is played with thirteen players per side and battle through hard physical play. This is why people love to bet on the sport due to the physical requirement needed to win the game. We have provided different Rugby League events below along with their available betting odds for upcoming games from around the world.

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Betting on Rugby: Rugby bets can be found at almost every betting provider. When it comes to sports, a general distinction must be made between the Rugby League and the Rugby Union. Many laymen assume that it is simply a different relay because of the choice of words. However, this is not correct.

Behind both variants there are modified forms of play. Fifteen players face each other in the Union matches and two fewer in the League matches. In terms of popularity, the Rugby Union has become socially established and established in recent years.

In the following guide we would like to shed some light on sport from a German and international perspective. At the same time you will find out which online bookmaker you can use to place the best rugby bets.

Rugby Betting: How Rugby Works – Rules for Beginners

For newcomers, rugby may be a little “confused” – but the rules are not so unclear at all. The goal is to carry the ball over the opponent’s baseline. If this is successful, the team gets a “try” and additionally the chance to increase the score with a goal shot. The elliptical ball must be shot over the rod of the H-shaped rod.

These goals can of course also be scored from within the game, but only by foot, never by hand. The ball must be shot as a drop kick (it must have touched the ground beforehand). Points can also be collected with the penalty kicks, which are executed in the form of the “resting ball”. In contrast to American football, rugby is a rather fluid game, which is only interrupted when there is a foul or when the ball is out. It should be noted that the players may never bring the equipment forward to their own teammates. The hand must always be played backwards. Kicking with the foot, on the other hand, is permitted in all directions.

In general, the defending team may only physically stop the player with the ball. All grips below the shoulder blade are permitted. The aim is to pull the opponent to the ground as far as possible. The rule says that as soon as a player with a larger body area than the soles of his feet touches the ground, the ball must be released immediately. In this case, the player must not reach for the ball. The best strikers in rugby are able to transport the ball to the other player when falling.

Which national rugby team is among the best?

The top teams in rugby are always suspected by many betting fans in the United Kingdom because of the historical background and the development of the sport. Of course, this assumption is not completely wrong. The representatives from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland are undoubtedly among the world’s elite.

In the current rankings, however, other teams are now at the top of the podium. The reigning World Champion comes from New Zealand. Australia, South Africa and France are also among the top favourites for the crown. Whether the teams from the island will be able to eliminate their rivals is doubtful at the moment. By the way, the German national team will not be competing at the World Championships.

The German team was allowed to try their luck in the 1A national group. Against Georgia, Spain, Russia, Romania and Portugal, however, the team had no chance. In the coming season, the team will play one season lower in the 1B group against teams from Poland, Moldova or the Netherlands for points.

Rugby Bundesliga betting in Germany: The favourites and outsiders

To anticipate. The German Bundesliga is not quoted by the online bookmakers. Nevertheless, there is a fight for points in this country. Rugby in Germany, however, is largely an amateur sport. Only a few teams like SC 1880 Frankfurt and the Heidelberg RK play in a professional setting. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Swabians are currently the FC Bayern Munich of rugby.

The titles 2010 to 2017 almost all went to the Heidelberg RK – only in the season 2015/16 Pforzheim broke the dominance. In addition to Frankfurt’s permanent rivals and Pforzheim, SC Neuenheim also belongs to the extended circle of favourites. The remaining teams only have the role of outsiders.

There are currently 24 teams in the German Bundesliga, which, however, is divided into four regional squadrons of six teams. After the main round, the best representatives will face each other in the playoff phase and play out the champions. The gradient between north and south is extreme. The teams are all at home in the south of the republic.

Rugby odds: How high are they compared to other sports?

Rugby odds are comparatively high. The normal 2-way can be classified in terms of level approximately in the tennis area. Of course, in rugby it makes little sense to bet on favourites as high as a house. A victory of the English national team against Germany brings practically no winnings, even if the British only run up with a C or D team.

The best offers from our point of view are clearly Pinnacle. The Dutch-Caribbean bookmaker also works with an extremely high quota key in rugby. The following is an example of a rugby union match with five betting providers. This is the Australian final between Queensland and New South Wales.

Rugby tips: Who are the bets suitable for?

If you want to have lasting success with your sports bets on rugby competitions, you should be a little inclined towards the sport. Tips simply for the odds sake without any background knowledge will hardly bring the desired winnings.

From our point of view it is recommendable to start slowly and with low stakes with the rugby bets. With practice and experience, a profitable betting system can be developed later without question.

Betting on Rugby: Are there Rugby Live Streams on the Internet?

Yes, although not excessively extensive. First in the livestreams is bet356 by far. The British broadcast a lot of domestic matches. The picture offers of the Swedes from Unibet are also surprisingly extensive. Sportingbet has a little less rugby.