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Political parties are some of the most interesting bunch of people that you can meet in your life. This is because they are probably one of the mischievous people that you might encounter. Have you seen an episode of Game of Thrones? Aside from the sex, GoT is a TV show that is focused on Politics, and again, sex. Anyhow, in real-world Politics, the scene is just the same, minus the killings. If you know how politics works, then you absolutely know what we’re talking about. We have provided below different instances wherein people are able to bet on the next Political event from around the world. What are events without proper betting odds? Of course, we have also provided that for you below.

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When you hear that there are political bets in the field of sports betting, which generally involves betting on games of all kinds of sports, you might ask yourself what this is all about. This question is certainly justified, especially as it is not really a core area of sports betting, but is offered by sports betting providers only as an addition. The large masses have certainly never really dealt with these bets. Probably also because these are not to be found with each offerer and usually are not advertised, but must be found in the associated column.


Sports History Historically, political betting has not grown or been developed, but has simply been included in the programme of providers over time. The beginnings do not lie in the Internet age with the online providers, but rather in the original betting shops in the United Kingdom, where people have always been able to bet on the results of political decisions or elections and this has established itself socially over many years on the island.

Explanation of the rules of political betting

Sports rules The rules or betting on political events is now very simple. The provider offers to certain political events, be it elections, votes, referendums or similar bets on their outcome. Which bets are offered to which events, is incumbent alone on the offerer. By the tip and/or with the bet delivery one decides firmly for an alleged exit of this political happening. You place a long-term bet, as it were, unless you jump on the train shortly before the event, which is, however, less recommendable.

It is irrelevant what might influence these votes. Once you have made a tip, it is valid and cannot be changed. This principle generally applies to bets, but must still be mentioned at this point, since external influences can still have an enormous effect on the outcome of political betting – much more so than is the case with sporting events.

Types of bets in politics

As a rule, two different betting options are offered. These are election results, i.e. which party wins an election, which is mostly predictable in the established states such as the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, France or the Scandinavian countries. Of course, there are always offers for elections in other countries where the outcomes are calculable for the providers and the survey results can be used.

You can also bet on the result of a referendum. For example, you can bet on Scotland’s recent decision on independence or on the results of Swiss referendums.

In addition, there are often other options to bet on each election. However, this is usually only the case where reliable surveys give a relatively close picture of the final official result beforehand. There you can also bet, for example, on whether a party obtains an absolute majority, a certain percentage of votes and also which possible coalitions will be formed.

The offers of the individual offerers differ partly enormously and also not everyone, who offered already once bets to this, must be inevitably for other policy bets the best.

Tips and tricks for political betting

In political betting, the timing of betting is crucial. It is also important to bear in mind that external influences can have a significant impact on the outcome of elections. If there is a scandal with a party, if inconsistencies are uncovered or if, for example, a terrorist attack or other movements influence the mood in countries in this way, the mood can change drastically very quickly and the tip made weeks or months ago will probably no longer work out.

There is usually no such twist in the odds when betting on sporting events. Therefore, you often get better odds if you place your bets here relatively early, but the risks that something will happen in the meantime are also quite high. On the other hand, the survey values become more concentrated towards the choice and the expected outcome becomes more and more predictable, which, however, results in lower odds.

So you have to find the golden mean and the best time. As a tip, you can say that about three to four weeks before an election you can still get relatively good odds, but the polls already give a very reliable opinion. Therefore, this would be a good time to place a bet. If you are a little more risky, you can of course do so beforehand. As was seen in the US presidential election or the Brexit referendum, despite all the survey results there can still be a turnaround in the counting.

Significant events for policy betting

The highlight of every provider in the field of political betting is, of course, often the election of the US president. The complicated election procedure with electors alone has always made the decisions and elections exciting. On the other hand, it also makes it somewhat more difficult for vendors to assess the probabilities.

Political betting is also popular in Europe. Very gladly bets offered to the elections in Great Britain (particularly with British sport bet offerers) and to the parliamentary elections in Germany. Both events can often be assessed very well by the providers and especially in Germany the survey results are always very accurate.