Motorsport Bitcoin Sports Betting

Motorsport is a general term used for motorized vehicle competitions. It is an un-denying fact that people love to bet on racing! This is why Motorsport gambling is not a new thing that just sprung up a couple of years ago; it has been going on since the first engine roared through the streets. Online betting websites include Auto Car racing, Motor Rallying/Racing, Air Racing, Kart Racing, and Drone Racing, to even Lawn Mower Racing! Every possible engine, big or small, as long as there is a start and finish line, people would not stop betting. We have compiled all possible Motorsport events and leagues along with their upcoming betting odds for your convenience below.

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Motorsport online sports betting will have many fans. Many bookmakers have motor sports with different types of bets and racing series firmly in their program. The dream of winning real money with powerful cars and fast racing cars can become reality with motorsport betting. The two- and four-wheeler races offer a wide range of bets and international racing series in which titles are contested. Here you will find an overview of important information on motorsport betting online as well as the best motorsport betting sites for German bettors.

Your advantages at Top Motorsport betting sites:

  • Look forward to powerful cars and fast motorcycle races
  • You have the chance to win real money with many different bet types
  • Use your mobile phone or tablet for mobile motorsport betting
  • Follow motorsport events in live stream
  • Secure yourself a lucrative sports betting welcome bonus with free credit

Win real money with Motorsport Online Sports Betting

Motorsport betting has one advantage over football betting or other races: the odds of the favourites are significantly higher. Before the race day (especially in Formula 1) betting odds of 3.0, 4.0 or even 5.0 are not uncommon, even on a top favourite. This means: high chances of winning real money! Motorsport betting players use the classic racing bets, i.e. on victory or placement, which offer a comparatively good odds with high chances. Also interesting is the so-called constructor’s bet, where you bet on the manufacturer of the vehicle. You can also bet on training and qualification with many bookmakers. Also popular are “duels”, so-called head-to-head bets. Here only two of the starting drivers are compared with each other. The overall result is irrelevant.

Altogether it is important to know the rules of the respective sport. In some championships there is a handicap at the start for the favourite. The pole position is not always decisive. Try not to limit yourself to one driver and secure victory bets by placing bets. This will give you a better chance of winning real money with motorsport bets in the long run.

That’s how popular motorsport bets are

Racing bets are of course about the speed and the cars with lots of horsepower. Germans are passionate car drivers and therefore the interest in motorsport will continue unabated in 2019. In the various races Formula 1 is by far in first place. This is followed by the German Touring Car Masters (DTM), the Porsche Carrera Cup, the Moto GP Series and the Formula 3 Euro Series. Formula 1 also leads the field in motorsport online sports betting.

You can bet on these types of motor sports

Motorsport bets include all racing bets placed with motorised vehicles. First and foremost are the Formula 1 races, then there are touring car races, rally championships, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and motorcycle races: Motorcycle GP, Speedway, Moto Cross, Enduro Races and Rallyes. Formula 1 is undoubtedly the supreme discipline in motorised racing and is only surpassed by football when it comes to turnover on a major race weekend. Many bookmakers offer special betting offers for Formula 1 events. The German Touring Car Masters is also very popular. British and international bookmakers also carry the Indy Car series from the USA. Bets on the V8 Supercars are also possible. Among the smaller racing series are the Porsche Cup or Formula 3, which are hardly represented online by betting providers. The World Rally Championship is popular for this. The Moto GP World Championship is at the front for two-wheelers, but betting on the Moto 2 and Moto 3 classes is also possible. The Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) is the oldest and most dangerous motorcycle race in the world. This road race is one of the most interesting motorsport events of the year for fans. Somewhat off the beaten track but still available are the Superbike World Championship, Speedway Races or the Red Bull Air Races.

Make Motorsport bets online with your mobile phone

In motorsport betting, especially in Formula 1, the timing of the betting can offer significant advantages. The qualification determines the starting positions and thus influences the odds. If you see clear chances for a driver, quickly submit your tip before the bookmaker lowers the odds accordingly. Here it is particularly practical to use your mobile device for motorsport betting. The offer for mobile devices of bookmakers and betting exchanges is extensive. In many cases you can use a stand-alone app for Android or Apple iOS. However, betting with your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet is possible anytime and anywhere via the mobile website. If you follow the race on TV or in the pub, you can make additional live bets on events such as pit stops or outages that some bookmakers have on offer.

The Best Motorsport Betting Sites

Are you a Formula 1 fan and want to capitalize on your hobby? Did you like the idea of winning real money with motorsport races? We have found the best German providers for motorsport online sports betting and combined them to a clear top list. So you can quickly and easily find the right betting provider for motorsport. To be satisfied, it is important that you find the races and bet types that interest you. Good odds, a good user guidance as well as favourable conditions and possibly a live stream for motor sport races should be given. We have therefore paid special attention to these points and continue to check secure and convenient payment methods, reliable customer service and an EU license from the providers. Only then add a motorsport betting site to our top list. In any case, you will receive an attractive welcome bonus when you make your first real money deposit. Take advantage of this chance to get free credit and win real money now with Motorsport betting online!

What types of Motorsport bets are there?

The classic Motorsport bet is the win bet where you bet on which driver will take first place in a race. Then the place bet and the bet go to the world champion. Long-term bets, for example on the best driver in a series, are also possible. Depending on the sport, you can also bet on the qualification, on a driver failure, a time advantage of the winner, pit stops, the fastest lap, the number of changes of first place during the race, or the number of drivers who make it to the finish. The direct bet (a “duel”) between two drivers is called the head-to-head bet.

What types of motor sports are popular with betting players?

Among the most popular motorsport races are Formula 1, Indy Car and the German Touring Car Masters (DTM) among the cars. Moto GP, Moto2 and Moto3 as well as Superbikes are popular motorcycles. A highlight of motorsport is the Isle of Man TT road race with its different classes. Other popular races are Speedway, Rally or the Red Bull Air Races.

How do the odds work?

The odds are issued by bookmakers and betting exchanges and reflect a driver’s probability of winning, but not just mathematically. As an example: 22 drivers start in a Formula 1 race. In purely theoretical terms, each individual driver has a 4.55 percent chance of winning. However, the actual odds are still influenced by past successes, the starting position of a driver and possibly his team mates, a forecast of the weather and track conditions as well as the positioning of competitors and the results of the qualification. You can use the odds to calculate your potential gross profit. Multiply the bet by the odds: 5 Euro bet x 3.0 odds = 15 Euro payout.

Can I watch motorsport races online?

In principle yes, but with some restrictions. Not all events and not all races are available. For licensing reasons, the betting providers may not show all motorsport races in full length. In Formula 1, the broadcasting rights are held by the respective television broadcasters, at least in Germany. Live streams are reserved for competition customers. They must therefore have at least a positive account balance with a provider. In contrast to horse races, it is not always necessary that you have placed a bet on the race.

Is motorsport online sports betting worthwhile?

In order to have long-term success with motorsport bets and to win real money, you have to be familiar with the sport and consider some factors. Technical developments, the shape of a driver and current conditions on the track are considerable, but also the placement at de