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A huge wave of MMA fans has been storming online betting websites since they first appeared a few years ago. This is because MMA has become one of the betted modern sports today. Who wouldn’t want to bet on a game against a Judo Master and a Taekwondo Black Belter? Everyone would want to know who’s better inside a caged ring. The thought of having different disciplines fighting each other is the sole reason why people love to bet on this sport. We have compiled every possible sporting event and leagues around the world and have included their upcoming betting odds as well.

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Mixed Martial Arts, MMA for short, is a modern martial arts variation with full contact. MMA sports betting online is a lucrative alternative to boxing for many bettors and friends of martial arts. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) encounters of mixed martial arts offer exciting fights and often more attractive odds than a boxing match. In any case, the clash of fighters of different styles and directions is the toughest martial art you can bet real money on online. We have summarized everything you need to know about MMA online sports betting and found the best MMA betting sites for German bettors.

Your advantages at MMA Sportwetten online:

  • Enjoy exciting UFC matches with MMA betting where many surprises are possible.
  • The odds on MMA Online sports betting are not as tight as on other sports.
  • Use your mobile device to place mixed martial arts sports bets.
  • Various bet types offer the chance to win lucrative real money winnings.
  • Secure a sports betting bonus to have additional credit for MMA bets.

Win Real Money with MMA Online Sports Betting

Mixed Martial Arts is still a very new sport in Europe, which combines several fighting techniques. The fighters use punches and kicks from boxing and kickboxing, Taekwando, Muay Thai and Karate as well as types of wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Sambo and other martial arts. For competitions the opponents are divided into different weight classes. The aim of the MMA fight is to defeat the opponent. A victory can be achieved by giving up or KO of the opponent as well as after points or abort of the referee. In MMA fights there is no draw, so the classic MMA bet is the winning bet. Depending on the size and popularity of the match, you can also use the following options for MMA real money sports betting:

  • Type the type of victory (by points, by KO, by abandonment, by abortion).
  • Bet on the number of rounds, either exact or line bet.
  • Does the fight extend over the full length?
  • Bet on the winner of a particular round.

In principle, bet types do not differ much from boxing. For your MMA bets it is advisable to study the fighters carefully in order to be able to reliably estimate the probability of a victory. Martial arts, clout and past matches are important criteria. Mixed martial arts fights are tough and often surprising. When choosing a favorite, three parameters can help:

  • How good is the fighter when punching and kicking while standing for attack and defense?
  • How much is the fighter able to control his opponent on the ground?
  • How skillful is the fighter at bringing the other to the ground and stopping himself?

If you are serious about Mixed Martial Arts, you have a chance to judge fights better than bookmakers. In addition, MMA betting can offer more lucrative odds than other sporting events. Combination bets can also be used to improve the odds.

How popular is Mixed Martial Arts as a sport in Germany?

MMA has been popular in Germany since the nineties, when the first fights were held in Germany. The official international organization Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organizes the fights. The demand is increasing. Between 2010 and 2014, MMA professional fights on television were banned in Germany because, in contrast to other full contact sports, it is also allowed to beat and kick in ground fights. Since 2009, however, new MMA rules for professionals and amateurs apply worldwide. With increasing UFC events in Germany, the sport is attracting more and more attention from German fans and media. Famous German UFC fighters are Nick Hein, Dennis Siver and Peter Sobotta.

On which mixed martial arts events are bets possible?

The MMA fights of the professionals are organized by the UFC and receive a consecutive number in the USA, for example UFC 100. An MMA variant with more rules and thick fist protectors is the Shooto from Japan, which is mainly spread in Europe. German associations like Respect Fighting Championship. German MMA Championship (GMC) and Fair Fighting Championship (FFC) organise matches in this country. The M1 and K1 challenges are also important for competitive sports. With some betting providers you can even bet on preliminary matches of the individual fighters or create your own head-to-head bets between two fighters.

Make MMA bets with your mobile phone

Mixed martial arts fights are fascinating encounters, which are often very violent and very fast. Most fights are decided before the time runs out in a few rounds or even only one round. Live bets in the real sense are not offered, but even after the start of the fight you can still make bets and wait before betting on who will win the next round. So that you can react particularly quickly, also with regard to a knockout, it is advisable to place your bets with the mobile device. No matter where you follow the fight, whether in the sports bar, in front of the TV or in the live stream, with your mobile phone, smartphone or tablet you can react quickly and comfortably. Many providers of MMA sports betting online have a stand-alone app for Android or Apple iOS on offer, which you can download and install free of charge for your mobile betting game. In any case, you can use the mobile version of the MMA betting pages to place bets via your mobile device. Increase your excitement in matches with lucrative MMA sports betting!

The best MMA betting sites for German betting players 2019

Are you a fan of the hard mixed martial arts fights? Do you want to capitalize on your knowledge of individual fighters and win hard currency in exciting UFC encounters with MMA Sportsbook Online? Benefit from better odds than boxing and enter the mixed martial arts betting game in any weight category. We have found the best MMA betting sites and put them together to a top list. Start off with reputable betting providers, because we have extensively checked and tested and only make a recommendation if our strict criteria are met! These include low odds and a wide range of MMA bets and events. But also important are safe deposit and withdrawal methods, an exemplary customer service as well as an EU license of the provider and a lucrative sports betting bonus. Choose a reliable MMA sports betting provider from our top list and you will receive an attractive welcome bonus on your first deposit of real money. Get this extra free credit on your MMA bets and win real money!