Mixed Martial Arts Bitcoin Sports Betting

The reason why Mixed Martial Arts is huge in the betting scene today is that it is the embodiment of ancient warriors fighting one on one with a limited set of rules. All these years, competition between martial arts strictly was allowed between same practices, until the early 90’s where mixed martial arts started to grow underground. Fast forward today, Mixed Martial Arts leagues and sporting events are taking the world by storm through the raw action that each match provides. Where can you see different disciplines in one ring fighting for what they have trained for all their lives? You can only see that in Mixed Martial Arts. Below are events and leagues for mixed martial arts along with the latest betting odds.

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Here we want to give you valuable tips and advice on how to successfully make MMA and especially UFC bets. In addition, we explain the different bet types available for MMA bets.

Introduction: MMA Betting

Betting on the UFC and other MMA events is becoming increasingly popular, as is MMA as a sport in itself. Nevertheless, it is new territory for the German-speaking betting fan as well as for the bookmakers.

In addition, MMA as a sport and competition is by its nature less predictable than other, more limited martial arts and competition in general. The numerous possibilities in which a fight can end or areas in which you have to balance the advantages and disadvantages of the fighters against each other, make the predictions here more difficult than, for example, the American mass sports completely interspersed with numbers and statistics such as baseball (probably the most statistical sport of all), American football or basketball.

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bet on MMA or that you can’t bet on MMA successfully! On the contrary, for the informed bettor this still relatively young sport offers possibilities which are not available at the previously mentioned, established sports and competitions.

Your advantage with MMA betting: The odds

Advantage 1: Lower profit margin for bookmakers

The odds on UFC and MMA bets in general offer the betting fan two big advantages over the “big” sports like football etc..: The first big advantage is that in a smaller and therefore more competitive betting market, the odds are generally higher, i.e. the bookmakers’ profit margin is lower, than in major multi-million-dollar competitions such as the German Soccer League or even the Champions League. In order to keep up with the other betting providers and be able to beat them, the bookmakers sometimes spend very aggressive odds on MMA and also UFC bets.

If the profit margins of the bookmakers in the Bundesliga, which are of course already added to the odds in advance, are 10% and sometimes more, MMA matches are usually set at less than 5%, which means that you can expect a plus of 5% per won bet. A clear advantage of MMA bets over football bets, for example.

Advantage 2: Less statistics, more advantage through knowledge

The second, decisive advantage of MMA weather over bookmakers is the following: In contrast to the “big” sports already mentioned several times, MMA does not yet have such mature systems for calculating the odds. The calculation of odds is a highly complicated mathematical procedure, in which several statistics are calculated with the help of computer algorithms, then corrected by factors such as injuries, shape, etc. and at the end there is a probability, which is then converted into the respective odds format and the profit margin added. To explain the whole thing in more detail does not make much sense here and would lead much too far, with interest there are naturally extensive articles to this, e.g. with Wikipedia.

This quota calculation is done internally by a few, very large bookmakers such as Tipico in Germany, for example, and checked by an expert department, but with most providers you buy the quotas externally and then vary only in the profit margin. One can confidently assume that even at Tipico there is no MMA expert who would notice a quota error in the UFC Undercard.

In plain language, this means that betting on MMA sometimes gives you the chance to find “wrong” odds. Due to the fact that this is still a marginal sport, you can sometimes find betting odds as a fan that are much higher than they should be according to your expertise. As a good example I would mention the fight between Eddie “The Underground King” Alvarez and Justin Gaethje, which Alvarez won by a spectacular knockout with a knee kick from the clinch after a breathtaking fight. We had really guessed Alvarez as the winner, and during the research we were almost shocked to see that Alvarez was listed as an absolute underdog. This may be due to the fact that Justin Gaethje was undefeated until then, or to the fight against Conor McGregor, which most of us remembered freshly, but in our analysis of the two fighters as well as the caliber of the opponents, who both met before the fight against each other, Alvarez was the clear favorite for us in this fight. With a victory rate of 2.50 on normal victory (after all possible fight ends) we rightly saw a golden opportunity here.

Another example would be the first fight between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz, we could hardly believe it at that time that the odds on Diaz simple victory was partially 4.50! In retrospect, the bookmakers there perhaps knew more than any weather, as it was obviously never Diaz’s plan to bring McGregor to the ground and it was decided mainly by the Irishman’s lack of physical condition. In the second fight we bet on Diaz again, but had to watch stunned how Diaz instead of finding the safe way to victory (takedown, then submission) fought a 25-minute ring battle with McGregor. Nice fight, disappointing and surprising betting outcome…

General betting tips

In general, there are a few basic rules you should follow when betting, no matter what kind of sport you are playing:

Always choose the best odds: This point is extremely important for successful betting, especially in marginal sports like MMA there are sometimes considerable differences between the odds of different providers. A prerequisite for this is, of course, that you hold several betting accounts with different bookmakers in order to be able to react quickly. A good selection of betting providers for MMA we supply here in our list.

Not (only) bet on favorites: Most people think that betting on favorites is the safest and best way to make money. However, there are several reasons why this is not the case. Firstly, the bookmaker’s favourite rate is almost always the rate that is “below value”, i.e. the bookmaker’s profit margin is higher than the underdog rate. This is precisely because most bets are on favorites and the bookmakers can therefore easily tighten the profit screw without discouraging people. Secondly, MMA is a sport where anything can happen. Therefore, in our opinion, a victory rate below 1.50 is a joke for every reasonably planned fight and should never be taken, as the risk is simply too high.

No combination bets: Another widespread “mistake” that many bettors make is to mainly play so-called “combination bets”. The odds are multiplied, which leads to tempting potential wins, but in the end the bookmaker always wins. The only thing we would recommend is, if you have placed several single bets on one event, to take a very small combined bet with all the single bets together, as a kind of security (but you should never go higher than 5). So if all the single bets win, you can still look forward to a nice combined bet win. However, this should really be in the very low range, less than 5% of the total bet amount would be our recommendation.

UFC & MMA bet types

The purpose of this section is to explain the different types of bets available for MMA betting and to discuss their advantages and disadvantages. We hope this will help our readers better understand and succeed in betting on UFC and MMA.

Simple victory

This is a bet on the winner of the fight, regardless of the winning method. The different victory gardens at the MMA are the following: Victory by KO, victory by TKO (technical knockout), victory by submission/task of the opponent, victory by disqualification of the opponent and of course victory by points decision. In all these types, the bet is won if the selected MMA fighter wins.

Although extremely rare, there may be two other outcomes:

  • Draw: Both fighters have the same number of points at the end, the winning bet is then unfortunately lost.
  • No Contest/No Decision: In some situations, usually when one of the MMA fighters is unable to continue due to an unintentional foul, a so-called No Contest occurs. In this case, all betting providers tested by us will return the stake.

Type of victory/victory method

This is about predicting not only the winner of the fight, but also the method of victory. Of course, you can expect a correspondingly higher odds. The more precisely you can choose the winning method here, the better. With some providers there is only the differentiation between point decision and all other victory methods, this is for us as MMA betting fans a clear minus. With good MMA betting providers such as Betway and Betsafe, for example, you not only have the possibility to differentiate between KO/TKO and task victory, but you can also accept when tapping on a point victory of your choice whether there is a unanimous or split or majority decision of the judges.

Round betting

In which round does the fight end? Irrespective of the winning method and winner, you bet on the round in which the fight ends (or whether you score points).

Round bets + winning bet

This is about predicting the early winner and the round in which the fight ends in conjunction, for example: “Conor McGregor in round 2”. Logical and self-explanatory, and especially here you can find very high odds in the range of 30.00 and more. Risky, but very worthwhile if you have the right tips!

Over/under betting rounds

Similar to the well-known over/under bet in football, here you bet on the number of rounds with the known decimal values. Example: “Over 2.5” means that the fight lasts longer than 2.5 rounds, i.e. after 2:30 in the third round it continues.

Fight over full distance?

Also self-explanatory, here you bet whether the fight goes over the full number of rounds, i.e. there is a judge’s decision, or not, without committing oneself to the winner.

A draw?

Here you bet that the fight will end in a draw. Since this happens extremely rarely and mostly only under special circumstances, there are temptingly high odds here, but we would always advise you to keep your hands off such a tip. The odds are probably somewhere in the range of a six in the lottery, and after all, most bettors ended up betting precisely because you have a certain “influence” through your own knowledge.

These are all the important bet types that you can bet on in UFC and MMA matches, there are some special bets that we explained below, and of course various combinations of the above bet types similar to the round bet + win bet listed separately due to their importance.

Other bet types

  • Touch Gloves: Will the fighters shake hands at the beginning of the match as a sign of respect? An interesting bet type, especially in fights where there was a lot of bad blood before, such as the fight between Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo (or pretty much any opponent of the Trashtalker).
  • Timeout Yes or No: Will there be a timeout during the fight, so the time will be stopped due to a low blow or an unintentional finger in the eye or something like that?
  • Points deduction Yes or No: Will there be a points deduction due to a foul? Similar to a tie bet, we think this type of bet is too random and therefore not recommended.


Despite or because of the unpredictability of the sport, betting on UFC and MMA can be very lucrative, if you only do it right. We see it as our task to assist you as best we can and as always we will give you well-researched tips on all the big fights and pick out the best odds for you. In addition, we have a list of the best betting providers for MMA bets. Here we also answer the question whether you should use the welcome bonus or not.