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The Swedish Hockey League was founded in 1975 and has 14 active teams under its division. Fans of the league are now able to bet on teams like HV71, Karlskrona HK, Linkopings HC, Lulea HF, Malmo Redhawks, Mora IK, Rogle BK, and a lot more. For your convenience, we have provided the upcoming betting odds for the next SHL game.

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Svenska hockeyligan (Swedish for “Swedish Hockey League”), better known by its acronym SHL, is the highest professional category of ice hockey in Sweden.

It was founded in 1975 and replaced the previous national tournament, Division I, which had been held since the 1935-36 season. It is held in the winter months, has 12 participants and is divided into two phases: a regular season and a direct elimination for the title. The last two finishers are relegated to the second category.


The first ice hockey championship in Sweden was held in 1922, only two years after the sport was introduced by American film director Raoul Le Mat. Thanks to money provided by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Le Mat contributed a cup in 1926 to the national champion of each edition, the “Trophy Le Mat”.

As far as the league was concerned, the teams were divided by geographical zones and competed in regional tournaments. Between 1935 and 1944 a single division was introduced, divided into two phases: a regular league and a direct knockout for the title, with round-trip matches. However, in 1945 the system of two groups was recovered: Northern Division and Southern Division, with eight participants each plus a final phase.

The current professional league began on 5 October 1975 under the name of Elitserien and had ten participants in a single group. From 1978 onwards, the final was played in series with the best of three matches. The number of teams was increased to twelve in the 1987-88 season and has remained so ever since. Although at the beginning a pure system of promotions and relegations was established, today the worst classifieds of the league must play a promotion (Kvalserien) with the best classifieds of the second category. In 2013 the championship was renamed Svenska hockeyligan (SHL).

Competition system

The SHL is held in the winter months and is divided into two phases: regular league (September to March) and knockout phase by title (March and April). The rules of the International Ice Hockey Federation are used; matches are played in three periods of twenty minutes each.

In the regular phase, 12 teams take part in a total of 55 matches: five fixed rounds. Victory in regulation time is rewarded with three points. If a match ends in a tie, the winner is decided in a sudden death with four team members (two points for the winner, one for the loser), and penalty kicks. In the event of a points tie, it is decided in favor of the one with the greatest goal difference, the one with the most goals and by the direct results in the last instance. The regular season champion receives a prize of one million crowns.

The top six go directly into the playoff for the title. The remaining two places are contested from seventh to tenth in a preliminary phase, to the best of three matches. The opponents are ranked according to their classification, so the regular phase champion will play against the worst placed. He also has the field factor in his favour. The quarter-finals, semi-finals and grand finale are the best of seven matches. In the event of a draw at the end of normal time, only sudden deaths are allowed to break the tie.

The last two SHL qualifiers must play a permanence league, the Kvalserien, along with the top four of the Hockeyallsvenskan (second category). In total each club plays 10 matches, round trip. The top two finishers are guaranteed a place in the SHL the following year, so there can be a maximum of two promotions in the same year.