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The SM-Liiga or some call them the Finnish Elite League is the highest professional ice hockey league in Finland. Teams like Tappara, HIFK, JYP, IIves, HC TPS, HPK, Lahti Pelicans, Lukko, Vaasan Sport, SaiPa, KooKoo, and a lot more! Below are the upcoming betting odds for the next Finnish SM Liiga games.

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The Liiga (until 2013 SM-liiga) is the top Finnish ice hockey league. It was founded in 1975 as SM-liiga to replace the amateur league SM-sarja. In 2013 it was renamed Liiga for marketing reasons. “SM”, which was part of the name until 2013, is an abbreviation for suomenmestaruus (Finnish Championship). The Liiga cooperates with the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation Suomen Jääkiekkoliitto.

Currently 15 teams are playing in the league. The league was initially closed in 2000, so no team could be relegated to a lower league or promoted from a lower league without the consent of the committee. In July 2007, it was decided to reopen the league from the 2009/10 season, so that teams from the Mestis (Finland’s second-highest ice hockey league) could move up again more easily.


A season in the Liiga is divided into the main season and the play-offs. In the high season, each team must play four times against each other team in the league and two or four times additionally against a locally nearby team. Each game consists of 3 times 20 minutes. Should it be a draw after the regular time, five minutes overtime will be played. The first goal in overtime decides the game for the team that scored the goal. In the event that no winner is found after the overtime, the game is decided by penalty shooting.

Scoring: A victory in the high season is rewarded with three points, a victory after overtime or penalty shooting is worth two points and a defeat after overtime or penalty shooting is worth one point. In the ranking the teams are sorted by points. For teams with the same number of points, the goal difference decides. If the goal difference is also the same, the teams are sorted according to the goals scored.

The six best teams according to the ranking have qualified directly for the quarter finals of the play-offs. Places seven to ten inclusive will play among themselves in best-of-three mode for the two remaining places in the quarter-finals. The quarter-finals, semi-finals and final will be played in best-of-seven mode. Only one game will be played in the round for 3rd place. The respective opponents are arranged in such a way that the best placed team after the regular season plays against the worst, the second best, against the second worst, and so on. The better placed team has home rights in the first game, which changes after each game. A game lasts 3 times 20 minutes, like in the high season. After the regular time overtimes of 20 minutes are played. The team that scores the first goal wins.