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Ice Hockey was first recorded play was in 19th century Canada. Today, it is one of the most celebrated sports in the world, arguably better than Baseball if you ask us. The reason why people love the sport so much is that the sport of Ice Hockey is a fast-paced one and action-packed. Everything can happen in a second as the player speeds through the rink chasing the puck with his/her stick. This is why people love to bet Bitcoin on available Ice Hockey games being listed online. To supplement that need, we have provided below a list of events and leagues under Ice Hockey along with betting odds per page.

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Ice hockey is one of the many different types of hockey. Ice hockey has its own special rules and is probably the most popular hockey sport in the world. The centers of hockey are in North America and Europe. One reason for this is of course the climatic conditions. It is understandable that a nation in a warm region will have less to do with ice hockey. Ice hockey is a team sport that is played on an ice surface of about 61×30 meters. Around the surface is the gang.


The origin of sport can be dated to the period between 1840 and 1875. Canada is considered the place of origin. One could expect a very extensive and complicated history, but it is very simple. British soldiers played the Scottish game “Shinty” in Canada on ice and snow and this eventually developed into ice hockey. There were mentions of a similar game from Denmark already in the 12th century and also the Bandy developed in the 16th century in the Netherlands is very similar to ice hockey, but the origins of today’s worldwide successful and popular game lie in Canada.

The first game in a hall took place on 3 March 1875 in Montreal. In 1917, the NHL, which is still the largest league in Canada today, was formed, initially only accepting Canadian teams. It was not until a later date that US-American teams were able to take part in the game.

At the same time, a similarly structured game operation developed in Europe, especially in Scandinavia and Russia. Even today, these teams are the best teams in the world and play together with countries from the former Soviet Union for international titles.

As with many sports, the history of women’s ice hockey is much shorter than that of men. The first Olympic ice hockey competition for women took place in 1998.

Explanation of the rules of ice hockey

Sports rules Each team consists of five players plus goalkeeper and can be changed on the fly. The aim of the game is to bring the so-called puck, a hard rubber disc, with clubs into the opponent’s goal. The two goals are 1.22 meters high and 1.83 meters wide. Unlike basketball, for example, ice hockey is an extremely physical and hard sport. Hard body checks and physical play are even expressly desired, as this is also attractive for the public. The hardness of the game requires a prescribed, extensive protective equipment. The worldwide rules are published by the International Ice Hockey Federation and are valid for a limited period of time. These current regulations are valid until 2018, with the NHL still issuing different regulations of its own.

The ice hockey game is characterized by the fact that it is usually played in fixed rows or lines. This means that, as far as possible, the same players play with each other and that the lines are exchanged again and again in the course of a game. Thus different player constellations are possible for different situations and it can be reacted again and again differently. This also means a good interaction with the same players.

The game is managed by a main referee and two line judges. In the NHL or in international competitions two referees are used instead of one. The line arbitrators have a high level of competence and may also pronounce penalties.

The game lasts 60 minutes and is divided into three thirds of 20 minutes each. However, the clock is always stopped in the event of an interruption.

Goals can be scored either with a stick or with a skate, as long as the puck only bounces off the stick and is not shot with the shoe. Own goals are not common in ice hockey. Such goals are simply attributed to the team.

Due to the hardness of the sport, there are a number of penalties that are imposed. The following penalties can be imposed in ice hockey:

  • small penalty (2 minutes) / small bank penalty (2 minutes against the team)
  • double small penalty (2 + 2 minutes)
  • small penalty + disciplinary penalty (2 + 10 minutes)
  • Big penalty (5 minutes + disciplinary penalty)
  • Disciplinary penalty (10 minutes)
  • Match penalty (5 minutes + match penalty + at least one game suspension)

Ice Hockey Bet Types

Since ice hockey is one of the most popular sports at all, there are correspondingly many betting possibilities. There are also a number of leagues and competitions available.

The most common bet types are:

  • Winner Bet – on the winner of a game including overtime. Since a game cannot end in a draw, the most common bet type is the 2-way bet. Occasionally, however, 3-way bets are also offered, which include the possibility of a draw.
  • Over-sub-bet – Here, bets are on the number of goals, for example, of the total playing time or also per third.
    Exact result A very difficult category and also often only associated with luck, are bets on the exact result. It is more like guessing the correct result. For this reason, the odds here are particularly high.
  • Handicap – With a handicap a team gets a virtual advantage or disadvantage, which has to be eliminated from the final result. A handicap bet is often worthwhile in the case of large differences in performance, as attractive odds are waiting.
  • Number of goals – In addition to over-under, you can also bet on the exact number of goals – either of the total match or of the respective teams. Also a bit difficult to bet the exact number here, but high odds are also expected here.
  • Time bets – A time bet is a bet on the occurrence of an event at a certain time. This can be, for example, the first goal of a team, the first penalty time or the like.

Tips and tricks

It’s obvious that ice hockey betting is a good sport to be familiar with. However, you can also develop good strategies here, keep them and hold out if things don’t go as they should. Especially in the professional leagues you can count on a high number of goals, which is why over-under betting – in this case over – is often a positive option. If you use this type of bet responsibly and well, you can be successful in the long run.

In addition, third bets are also worth considering if the odds are good, and the third third is particularly important here. If the score is relatively tight, it can be assumed that the team behind will try to score another goal by taking out the goalkeeper and substituting an additional field player. In this case, since the goal of this team is then empty, it very often comes to a goal of the already leading team. This should be considered if necessary for an over bet or other third bets.

Major events

There are different views on the importance of competitions. It is clear that the Olympic Games, which have also been held in ice hockey since 1924, are the most important tournament. After that, however, there is a gap between North America and Europe. For the European nations, the World Championship is very important. However, since North America does not interrupt the league operations for this and consequently fewer stars are sent from there to the World Cup, the World Cup has hardly any significance there.

  • The NHL in North America is the most important and most important league in the world, probably next to the KHL in Russia in cooperation with former Soviet states.
  • Since 1996, the World Cup of Hockey has also been hosted by the World Federation and the NHL. Since the Cup takes place before the start of the NHL league, the stars from the NHL can also participate.
  • The Spengler Cup in Davos / Switzerland is one of the oldest and most renowned competitions in the world.
  • On a European level, the European Champions Cup and the Champions Hockey League are of importance.

Important players and ice hockey teams

Sports Player Teams One of the world’s best known ice hockey players is Wayne Gretzky. Of course, ice hockey also features a number of stars, but these are rather stars of the zeitgeist and are quickly replaced by other new stars without the old ones leaving a longer lasting impression. The two Russians Owetschkin and Malkin are certainly two of the best known still active players in Europe.

There is no doubt that the NHL’s club teams have the highest profile and among them, above all, the Original Six, which are the founding members of the league. These are the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Canadiens de Montréal, New York Rangers and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In the European competition one can without question call ZSKA Moscow, whereby each league has its own top teams.