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Horse Racing is one of the ancient of all sports. There is no doubt that horse racing has been existing for centuries and has been a center point for gambling all throughout the years. Due to the popularity of the sport, there are different national governing bodies for different leagues around the world. Different countries have developed their own horse racing traditions and events which are wide but not limited to events like Flat Racing, Jump Racing, Harness Racing, Endurance Racing, and of course we got circuit racing. We have gathered a number of different Horse Racing events and leagues along with their upcoming betting odds for your convenience.

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Betting on horse races has a tradition that goes back well over 100 years. The bookmaking business has its origins in horse betting. For the first time in Great Britain bets were placed on horse races. Horse betting has lost nothing of its charm to this day. Meanwhile you can also bet online on horse races with numerous bookmakers. The good sport bet offerers have beside an extensive bet offer also Livestreams in the program, so that also German Wettfans can be with the legendary running in Ascot, Dubai, Hong Kong or Louisville/Kentucky live thereby.

If you want to be successful with horse betting, you need a little luck as well as the appropriate specialist knowledge. We will show you what is particularly important when it comes to betting on horse races. Horse Racing Betting – Header Horse racing has a long tradition, so it can be easily traced back to antiquity. Everyone should automatically have scenes of chariots in the Colosseum before his eyes when he thinks of ancient horse races. But even back then there were direct races (i.e. a rider on a horse) against each other and there is much to suggest that back then you did the same as today’s spectators at the racecourse as a spectator at these races: place bets.

Because the passion for gambling is probably even older than the enthusiasm for horse racing. And the figures for 2008 show just how much people like to bet on horse racing, as 115 billion US dollars were turned over worldwide through horse betting. In Germany, horse betting is regulated by the state within the framework of the gambling contract. However, these revenues have declined in recent years. Thus the non-profit associations, which organize the sport bets on the racing courses, complain about the fact that the bets shifted abroad and bookmakers on Internet sides the ratios offer.

Here it might be exciting, how this is exactly regulated in the future, because the European Court of Justice did not describe the present sport bet regulation of the Federal Government as sufficient, so that here must be improved. The hope is that the market will be liberalised. Horse racing has long been a part of pop culture, but it has rarely had a positive impact. Those who now consider where they have seen horse racing in films will inevitably think of films about the mafia, manipulated races or money laundering. But you don’t have to be very afraid, there won’t be any tumultuous conditions on the racetracks and those who stick to serious bookmakers won’t be cheated either.

Horse Racing – The Different Variants

In horse racing, a basic distinction is made between galloping and trotting races. Trotting races are particularly popular in Europe and the USA. Here the jockeys do not sit directly on the horse, but in uniaxial carriages, the so-called sulkys. Only trotting is allowed on the grass and sand tracks. If the team uses a different gait or does not run correctly, it will be disqualified. Trotting usually takes place over medium distances. The shortest regular races have a length of 1,600 metres and the longest 2,300 metres. Laymen mostly understand horse racing as gallop races in which the jockey sits directly on the horse’s back. The classics are the flat races, in which the start is directly from the box. Here the horses run on a racetrack without obstacles with different distances. In gallop races, a distinction is made between flying races and standing races. Air races are sprints over a length of 1,000 metres. Classic standing man’s races lead over a distance of up to 3,400 meters. In some countries, horse races with lengths of up to 4,800 metres are also held. The race distance is one of the most important criteria for successful horse betting. Some of the horses are sprinters who can only show their strengths over short distances. Standing horses, on the other hand, usually have no chance over short distances. There are very few horses that have a chance of winning over short and long distances. The condition of the track also affects the outcome of the race. There are race tracks that are overgrown with grass, sandy or muddy. Each horse can cope differently with changing surfaces, which also affects his speed.

The different racing classes at horse races

It would make little sense to let experienced horses run against inexperienced or less successful animals. This would also make horse betting less attractive. For this reason there are different racing classes, which can differ slightly depending on the country. In Germany, for example, there are different compensation classes for classic horse races. In Equalization Class I, only very good horses are entered who have already had some success in previous races and trainings. On the other hand, horses in Equalization Class IV start with a rather low level of performance. The division into classes ensures that only horses with comparable performance potential compete against each other. This makes horse racing fair and at the same time provides much more excitement. If you take a closer look at the individual racing classes, you will find various terms that are somewhat confusing in the beginning. For example, Derbys are the most important races for 3-year-old horses with a distance of 2,400 metres. In the Maiden class, very young horses run against each other, who have not yet won any races.

Victory bets are the classic

Of course you can also bet on the winner at horse races. Since there is rarely a clear favourite, the odds for winning bets are correspondingly high. This is the case for example with Jaxx horse bets or Onextwo horse bets. If there is a certain candidate for victory, the odds are usually around 2.0. However, even horses with a odds of 4.0 can still be counted among the extended circle of favorites. Those who manage to place a successful outsider bet can sometimes even count on odds of over 100. The winning bet is certainly the most popular bet type on the racetracks of the world.

Minimize risk with the place bet

If you find the winning bet to be too risky, you have the option of a place bet. Here the horse on which the bet is placed only has to end up in the first three. Place bets lead relatively frequently to success and are therefore very popular with betting fans. Of course, the odds for this are lower.

Another variation is the twin place bet. Here, two horses are selected which, in the opinion of the sports weather, belong to the circle of favourites. The bet is that both horses will end up on the podium, i.e. place among the first three. The exact entry is irrelevant. Place twin bets are a very interesting alternative. The odds are higher than with normal place bets with at the same time still well calculable risk.

Top odds on double bets

The double bet is a modified form of the twin bet. This type of bet promises particularly high odds, but also an enormous risk. Bets are placed on both first and second place. The enema must take place in the correct order. Some bookmakers have further variations like 3 and 4 bets in their program. Here the correct entry must be typed. Already with small bets enormous profits can be obtained. Betting fans, who have however at all no specialized knowledge with the equestrian sport, should rather concentrate on other betting markets.

Risk sharing with the combination bet

Those who don’t want to take too high a risk in horse racing usually opt for a combination bet. Various events such as victory and place are combined on the betting slip. The sports weather wins the highest amount if his horse wins the race. If it lands under the first three there is a somewhat smaller profit.

Long-term bets on equestrian sports

Long-term bets are offered by some online bookmakers as well as horse racecourses. Although these are extremely risky, they do offer particularly high winnings. In a final bet, for example, the winners of the next three races must be correctly predicted. If you decide on a top 6 bet, you even have to guess twice the number of races correctly. It is often possible to bet on a complete race day, a selected race series or a complete season. The well-known Breeders Cup, for example, consists of fifteen runs. Even before the first race, you can bet on the overall winner of the series.

The international betting formats

In the case of international bookmakers, the betting markets are usually indicated with international terms. Therefore, we would like to present the most important bets again:

  • Win: Horse bet on victory.
  • Place: The horse must cross the finish line in places one or two.
  • Show: The horse must occupy a place among the first three.
  • Exacta: The entry of the first two horses must be typed correctly.
  • Trifecta: A trifecta bet where the first three places must be correctly predicted.
  • Superfecta: The first four places of a race must be correctly predicted.