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Handball is a team sport which consists of seven players per side. The game was first played in the 19th century in Denmark and has evolved into a professional competitive sport today. Since 1972, the sport has been included in the summer Olympics games. Amazingly enough, the International Handball Federation was formed in 1946 and has 197 member federations! We have gathered below all the available Handball events and leagues from all over the world. Included in these sporting events and leagues are the upcoming betting odds for each and every one of them. We urge you to take advantage of this information provided.

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Handball was once one of the most popular sports in German-speaking countries. Today, handball is still very popular, but has to compete with many other popular sports, which enjoy much greater media interest and therefore have many times more financial possibilities. Nevertheless, handball is very widespread. Germany probably has the strongest handball league in an international comparison, although it is mainly concentrated in the regional strongholds.

Sports History

A sport similar to handball was already played in ancient times. Here, however, no goals or goals have been scored yet. The first rules were established in 1906 by the Dane Holger Nielsen with the emergence of the earlier forms of today’s handball. As actual “birthday” is however rather the 29.10.1917 at which the Oberturnwart Max Heiser from Berlin gave the name to this sport and fixed rules. But even this was not the end of the development of the game, because in 1919 the Berlin gymnastics teacher Carl Schelenz made the game more attractive by setting new rules and thus laid the foundation for the success. Handball was originally developed as a sport for women who had no chance in the supposedly harder football. The new rules allowed duels that had previously been avoided. The bouncing of the ball was also determined here for the first time. As a substitute sport, many basic conditions were simply taken over from football.

Also at this time handball was still an outdoor sport and was played as field handball. Field handball was only Olympic in 1936 and the title went to the then by far strongest team after Germany. In 1975 the last championships in field handball were played, which has completely disappeared today. The final took place against Austria in Berlin.

The way into the hall, as it is taken for granted today, is primarily due to the Scandinavian countries, since the climate often allowed nothing else. Today’s famous indoor handball has been Olympic for men since 1972 and for women since 1976.

Handball is essentially a very European sport and receives little or no attention outside Europe. Only in North Africa as well as in the Far East a few smaller strongholds can be found.

Explanation of the rules in handball

Sports rules The playing area is defined in a rectangle of 40 x 20 meters and is separated in the middle by the center line and in front of the respective goals with further lines. The goal area, the goalkeeper’s boundary line, the 7-meter line and the free-throw line are marked in front of the goals. Each team has seven players on the pitch.

The goal of the game is to get the ball into the goal of the opposing team. The game lasts 2 x 30 minutes with a ten-minute break. The team with the higher number of goals wins – a draw is also possible. No player other than the goalkeeper may enter the goal area. The goalkeeper in turn may not cross the goalkeeper’s boundary line at a 7-meter distance. Like the 11-meter in football, the 7-meter is a penalty throw. However, the goal area may be “touched” in the air by the attacking players. This means that a jump throw is possible if the ball has left the hand before the player physically touches the goal area.

Handball Betting

Handball is a physical game, a scene from the EHF Championships.

Like basketball, handball is a body-focused game, but attacks against the body are very quickly considered a foul. A defending team usually fouls several times per turn. The attack is then simply continued until one of the two referees gives the signal of the necessary throw. It is therefore up to the referees to give more or less time to an attack. There must be a serious effort of the goal attempt.

An important element in handball are the penalties that can be imposed. Here is the conventional warning (yellow card). For coarser fouls or after warnings, a 2-minute time penalty can also be imposed. The team plays in this time then also in outnumber. In addition, a 2+2-minute time penalty can be imposed if there is a loud protest. If even an insult should occur due to the pronounced punishment, this leads to a 2-minute time penalty and additional disqualification. After the expiration of this time, however, the team may restore the full number of players. This also applies to the last resort, namely the disqualification itself. This is either pronounced if fouls are harmful to health or a player had to serve three 2-minute time penalties.

Types of bet

If you compare the betting possibilities of other sports with handball, they are rather limited even at big international events and even at the big and well-known bookmakers. However, this is also related to the game itself, which doesn’t leave too much room for possibilities.

  • Winner Basic – is the bet on the winner of the game possible. However, since a draw is also possible, these are usually 3-way bets. Occasionally, however, 2-way bets are also available here. In this case, in the event of a draw, the bet amount is simply returned.
  • Double Chance – With the Double Chance, you can play a supposedly safe bet, which, however, often results in a very small odds. On the other hand, however, you can also take full risks and bet on a complete outsider and secure this with a possible draw. With this type of betting you bet on two of the three possible outcomes at the same time, i.e. either team A or team B wins, team A wins or draws or team B wins or draws.
  • Handicap bets – A game in which relatively high scores are achieved and which is characterized by a certain dynamic is always suitable for handicap bets. Since the differences in the league everyday life are not particularly high, however, an exact view is required, which offers one notices and which not. Internationally one can reach for these bets rather rather with larger achievement differences.
  • Over-under betting – Again and again a very popular option is to bet on the total number of goals scored in a game. These bets can be found at every provider. With more and more providers, it is now also possible to bet on the number of goals scored by just one team. This is a suitable means, especially when a little more security is desired when placing bets.
  • Especially if a team – be it offensive or defensive – continuously achieves good results.
    Half time with the most goals These bets are not available everywhere, but the “half time with the most goals” is offered by a number of sports betting providers. Here it is to be estimated, in which half time probably altogether more goals will fall or whether there will be however in both half times an exactly same number of goals.

Tips and tricks

In handball, there is usually a clear favourite in a game, since there are often two different performance classes. These differences are even more pronounced than in football, for example. This is also the case, for example, in a halfway balanced league like in Germany. Here there are only four to five teams that play the competitions every year and can hardly ever be put in danger by the teams in the lower half. Nevertheless, the lower teams have a certain class and can often keep up well. Therefore, over-under betting can generally be recommended here. Winner bets should be avoided because of the often very low odds. Even if these are supposed to be safe, it can go wrong and then it is not worth this low odds to suffer a loss.

Especially in international competitions you should not let yourself be blinded by the odds in the 3-way on the winner. There can be surprises very often and a very exact analysis of the strengths is necessary before the delivery.

Important Handball Info & Highlights

Under this point the most important events, the most important players and handball teams as well as the historical records will be examined and briefly presented.

Important events

In the case of the most important events in handball, only the Olympic Games and the World and European Championships can be mentioned in the international comparison of countries. Other international competitions are only available in club sports. In Europe, the EHF Champions League and the EHF Cup are the most popular competitions. There is also the Super Globe, but it is a side event that serves more to earn prize money and to prepare for the tournament than to attract top teams.

Important players and handball teams

Sports Player teams In handball, there are hardly any prominent stars, but there are also some personalities with appropriate competence. The Frenchman Nikola Karabatic is one of the best known players of this sport. His compatriot Daniel Narcisse is also an icon of handball. All in all, the level is very well balanced among high-performing players.

Internationally seen the teams of France, Poland, Spain or Germany and especially the Scandinavian teams are among the world leaders. As has unfortunately been shown recently, Qatar is now also one of them. This oil emirate has provided one of the biggest excitements internationally. The national team for Qatar was simply bought together and all international players were equipped with a corresponding passport. Thanks to this move, Qatar, one of the richest countries in the world, has recently been able to achieve great sporting success.


Betting offer In 1978 Erhard Wunderlich made the fastest and hardest measured throw of a handball player in the sports studio, where this throw was measured with 131 km/h and thus reached an enormous speed.

In the field of club sports, FC Barcelona is the most successful team in Europe with its handball section. It is followed by the VFL Gummersbach.