Italy Seria C Bitcoin Sports Betting

Rank as the third highest football league in Italy, the Italian Serie C was founded in 1935 and was re-founded and named Lega Pro in 2014, but was brought back to its original name just this year. Fans of the league are now able to bet using Bitcoins on teams like Urbs Sportiva Reggina 1914, U.S. Lecce, S.S. Juve Stabia, Calcio Catania, and U.C. Albino Leffe to name a few. Below are the betting odds for the upcoming Italia Serie C games.

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Serie C (until the 2007/08 season and since 2017/18; from 2008/09 to 2016/17 Lega Pro) is the third highest league in Italian professional football. From 1978 to 2014 it was divided into the two classes Prima Divisione (1st Division; formerly Serie C1) and Seconda Divisione (2nd Division; formerly Serie C2), which hierarchically formed the third and fourth leagues. Each of these leagues was again divided into two (1st division) and three groups (2nd division). Since the 2014/15 season, the Lega Pro has been divided into three equal groups; in 2017, after almost ten years, it was given the name Serie C again.


In each group there are basically 20 teams playing; in fact, the number of clubs is more often new, e.g. due to license withdrawals and forced relegations from and into the series C.

The formal names of the leagues were Lega Professionisti Serie C1 and Lega Professionisti Serie C2, each with the additions “Girone A”, “B” or “C” for the respective groups. The Series C Championships are hosted by the Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico, a sub-organization of the Italian Football Federation, the FIGC.

The Lega Italiana Calcio Professionistico assigns the players to the three groups. Usually geographical criteria have priority, so that the groups can be roughly divided into northern, central and southern Italian leagues. Sometimes, however, this is not so clear, so that this principle is occasionally broken.

The season starts at the beginning of September, the season ends at the beginning of May. The first half of the season ends before Christmas, as is the case throughout Italy, and the second half usually begins on the first Sunday after 6 January. The matches are usually split between Friday evening and Sunday evening.

As in all Italian leagues, Series C is about promotion and relegation every year. A total of four clubs ascend, one from each of the three groups. The first-placed clubs advance directly to Serie B, the clubs in places two to five play for promotion in advancement playoffs. The second will face the fifth, the third the fourth. In a direct duel, they determine a promoted player in two games. In the second phase, the respective winners of the duels meet and determine in a direct duel the second promoted player of the respective division. In the event of a cumulative draw after two matches, extra time is played for half an hour. If there is still no winner, the club with the best position at the end of the season is promoted.

Three teams from each of the three groups will be relegated to Serie D.

Serie C comes into play again and again when clubs in higher leagues are disqualified. Usually, these clubs start again in these leagues. Almost every year, traditional clubs have to start over here (SSC Naples, FC Messina, AC Turin, Fiorentina). However, these clubs are usually back in Serie A very quickly.


Unlike other European leagues, Serie C teams determine their own Cup and Supercup winners. Last season’s top-ranked Serie C clubs usually take part in the regular cup tournament, the Coppa Italia, and all teams in the Italian Serie C play out their own Coppa Italia Serie C winners. Since the year 2000 there has also been a Supercup game in Serie C. The champions of the three Series C groups determine the winner of the Italian Series C Supercup.