Austria Landesliga Bitcoin Sports Betting

The Austrian Landesliga is ranked as the fourth tier of professional football in Austria. It’s amazing that even at this tier people are still betting on their matches. With the use of the provided betting odds below, you are able to bet Bitcoins on teams like SC Mannsdorf, SV Weinberg, FC Bergheim, etc.

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Since 1995, the Landesliga has been the fourth highest league in the Austrian football league system. The Landesliga comprises nine squadrons, which are organised by the respective ÖFB regional associations. Some of the state leagues are named after their respective federal state (e.g. the Carinthian League), some of them still have a five-class (second) state league.

Current structure

The champions of the national leagues are promoted directly to the respective regional leagues. These include the area of three national associations, so that there are a total of three promoted players per regional league. Below the national league, the structures depend on the respective federal state: In some countries there are two state leagues as fourth and fifth divisions (e.g. Salzburg), in others the fifth division is divided into several seasons at state level, so that there is no uniform number of relegates (e.g. Styria).

Historical development

The national championships were created in the course of the reorganization of the ÖFV after the First World War, which changed into the ÖFB. After the disputes with the Free Association of Austrian Amateur Football Clubs (VAFÖ) regarding amateur sport could be more or less settled, the ÖFB organised the Austrian Amateur Championship for the respective amateur champions of the provincial associations from the 1928/29 season onwards. This was abolished with the annexation of Austria by the German Reich in 1938, since the Austrian professional championship was forbidden. The amateur leagues of the Länder were merged with the former professional system and now served as a second level. It should be added that many clubs (whether football, other sports or also other purposes) were dissolved because the political attitude did not fit.

After the end of the Second World War, professionalism was reintroduced with the 1948/49 State League reform, first in Eastern Austria. The state championships, which practically began in 1946/47, served from then on as the third performance level, but were degraded by the 1974/75 Bundesliga reform to the fourth performance level. Excluded from this regulation were the provincial championships of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland from 1981 to 1985, Upper Austria, Styria and Carinthia from 1975 to 1994 and Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg from 1975 to 1977, as the respective regional leagues were not organized in these years. The Landesliga, for example, is a uniform fourth division and has actually only been in existence since 1995.