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Floorball is a professional sport played widely in Europe, namely countries like Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.  The sport was first played in the 1970’s and is generally a type of floor hockey. There are different leagues and competitions under Floorball which we have provided below for your convenience. You will be able to find different Floorball events, leagues and inside them would be their respective betting odds. It is amazing to know that there are actually a handful of websites that accept wagers for Floorball games. What are you waiting for! Select the event you want to bet on and see the latest betting odds below.

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The Game

Fast, intense, simple and very sweaty – that’s Floorball (formerly called “Unihockey”). This young sport is a mixture of field and ice hockey, paired with the fairness of basketball, where stamina and skill are trained without the fun falling by the wayside. The game is played with a light plastic bat and a perforated ball. The goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible in team interaction. Floorball is suitable for all ages and both sexes and is enjoying rapidly growing popularity. The high challenge character is addictive. Once you have picked up a racket, you will do it again and again, especially since the necessary equipment is very inexpensive. Above all, speed, coordination and team spirit are necessary for successful floorball playing. The simple and understandable set of rules serves to promote a fast game at a high technical and tactical level. Floorball is suitable for schools and clubs and can be practised as a leisure or competitive sport. Depending on the available capacities you can play in different variations. The king variant is played with five players each plus goalkeeper and is quite similar to ice hockey, but without its physical hardness and expensive equipment. Since technical skills and refinements are almost more important in floorball, it is very attractive not only for players, but also for spectators. For school, Floorball Mixed is particularly suitable, where girls and boys play together on smaller goals without special goalkeepers.

Great Field

Floorball Grossfeld is the supreme discipline of this sport. The German Women’s and Men’s Floorball League of the DUB is the highest league. The German Champion is eligible to compete in the European Cup. All international competitions (international games, European Cup, World Championships) are played exclusively in this form. Each team consists of five field players and one goalkeeper. The goalkeeper has no bat and fends off the balls with his body. For this reason he wears special protective clothing (goalkeeper mask, sweater and trousers). A total of 20 players may be used per game. The substitutions of the players can take place at any time, but must take place in the designated zones. The official size of the playing field is 40 x 20 m, the height of the field border is 50 cm. The goals have a size of 160 x 115 cm and rounded corners. In front of each goal there is a shelter which field players are not allowed to enter, as well as a goal area (see sketch) outside which the goalkeeper is not allowed to play the ball with his hands. The playing time is 3 x 20 minutes. The breaks between the thirds last 10 minutes each. Since this game variant offers a variety of tactical possibilities, regular training by trained instructors is an absolute prerequisite for ambitious large field teams. In this game variant, the largest playing surface is available for each player, which is why the athletics of the players are particularly important.

Small Field

At the Floorball Kleinfeld three field players face each other, whereby up to 14 players per team can be used. The size of the field is 28 x 16 m. The goals are 160 x 115 cm. The playing time in the small field leagues of the DUB is 2 x 20 minutes (break 5 minutes). The field is bordered by a 50 cm high band. Since with this variant each player has 20% less space available than on the large field, the tactical possibilities are somewhat more limited and technically good players have the advantage. Women and men play in regionally organized leagues. This variant offers above all smaller clubs, beginners or also more fun-oriented groups the possibility of participating in an organized play enterprise. In this category the regional champions are determined Germany far first. The Playoffs decide at the end of the season on the assignment of the small field champion of the German Unihockey federation, which will be renamed shortly in Floorball federation Germany .


All other forms of play in Germany have developed from this variant. Long before a league game was established in Germany, there were already a large number of regularly held mixed tournaments. Besides the fight for the trophies, fun was and still is the main focus. Today, Floorball-Mixed develops mainly in schools, because it is perfectly suited to inspire girls and boys together in sports lessons. Traditionally, the best teams in Germany meet at the end of each year to compete in the German Floorball Mixed Championship and show that this type of Floorball can be very attractive and serious. The playing field is 28 x 16 m (small field) and bordered by a 50 cm high band. The playing time is 2 x 15 minutes with a 5 minute break. The goals are 90 x 60 cm. It is played without a goalkeeper. There is a 190 x 90 cm shelter directly in front of the goal, which must not be entered by any player.

The Material

  • The club: Meanwhile there are innumerable clubs in the most different variations, under which everyone finds a suitable one. A racket, also called a stick, costs between 10 and about 100 Euros. The sticks are very durable and can be used for several years. The correct pole length is important, as a short shaft allows better control. The stick should be held straight in front of you, the ladle on the ground, and should only reach to the navel. Sticks that are too long may only be shortened from the grip side. To do this, unwind the grip tape, shorten the stick accordingly and reattach the grip tape. The shovel blade, also called trowel, can be replaced on most clubs if necessary and is usually bent slightly. Other changes to the clubs are not permitted. A soft shovel and an elastic stick are suitable for beginners. Advanced players and especially attacking players usually use harder sticks and shovels. These allow sharper passes and shots, but require a better technique.
  • The ball: The shell-shaped plastic ball has a diameter of 72 mm and 26 holes. It weighs only 23 g, which allows extremely high flight speeds (up to 180 km/h). The balls for playing are plain white. However, balls of different colours can also be used for light-coloured floor coverings.