Twenty20 Cricket Bitcoin Sports Betting

Also widely referred to as T20, Twenty20 cricket is basically a 20-over version of cricket. The popularity of this form of cricket has been on the rise right from its introduction, and this gives great betting opportunities for cricket betting enthusiasts.

Top Sportsbooks for Twenty20 Cricket Betting

Nitrogen Sports

Established just less than five years ago, Nitrogen Sports is an online casino and sportsbook that operates with Bitcoin as its preferred currency. Though the platform accepted other payment methods during its initial years, the growing popularity of Bitcoin, and all the major bookmakers making it their primary currency has made this platform step into the cryptocurrency betting industry as well. Nitrogen Sports is now a well-established online sports betting website that offers a lot of killer features. Anonymity, instant deposits, and a great customer support team are known to be some of the major strong points of this sportsbook.

The dedicated sportsbook excels in enabling instant deposits, which simply means that you do not have to waste your time waiting for your transaction to be completed, and it literally takes only a few seconds for the same. The website also has a casino page and a poker room to cater people with other interests; however, it is their sportsbook that is filled with a huge variety of sports, events and leagues, giving bettors access to numerous betting markets. The modern website design, dedicated customer support team, and more such features make Nitrogen Sports a favorite sports betting platform.


Click here to visit Nitrogen, a popular Bitcoin gaming platforms, stepped into the online sports betting arena with its offering. is also designed to be a Bitcoin sports betting website that has definitely gained a great reputation within a year of its inception. With a license from the government of Curacao, the sportsbook is powered by the CoinGaming platform, and is known to provide high level of entertainment for sports bettors of all skill levels.

The website of this sportsbook is designed with user convenience and ease in mind. Even if it is your first time visiting a sports betting website, you wouldn’t find it hard to access all the information you are looking for. The site is very responsive and all the sports betting information are available with a single click. Since the platform uses Bitcoin, your deposits and withdrawals will be instant, and you also get to stay anonymous during your Twenty20 cricket betting sessions. sportsbook is also available for access via smartphones and the mobile version of the website is easy to use as well.


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CloudBet Bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook

CloudBet is one of the very few comprehensively featured online sports betting and casino platform in one that caters to the interests of people in numerous different ways. If you are looking to enjoy the whole Twenty20 cricket betting experience without any hesitations and hurdles, this would be the platform you can rely on entirely.

The sportsbook is designed to run smoothly on any web browser, thus will not interrupt your betting in any way. Since Bitcoin is the only currency accepted by the platform, deposits and withdrawals take place in lightening speed. The website can also be accessed on your mobile phone, and their customer support is also on par. Equipped with features that will enhance your overall betting experience while ensuring security, it is a sportsbook that is completely worth giving a try.


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Twenty20 Cricket Betting Markets

As always, in order to make money from your Twenty20 cricket betting, you need to first understand the different betting markets. Online sports betting platforms offer a lot of different ways for you to bet on T20 cricket. Here are some of the most popular markets:

Match Result

The match result being the most popular betting market in T20 cricket is a well-known fact among all cricket bettors. In this market, you will be betting on a team you think will win a particular match, in which two teams will compete head-to-head. You can choose to place your bet before the match begins or wait to see a couple overs and then place your bet for potentially increased profits.

Number of Boundaries

If you are a cricket fan, you would know what boundaries are. The term basically refers to the fours or sizes hit by the teams during a match. In T20 cricket, boundaries play a major role in a team’s victory, as the matches have only 20 overs. In this betting market, your sportsbook will offer you an under/over line of the boundaries a team will hit during a particular match. To make profits in this market, you need to study the batting order of both teams and see which team has players who have a good boundaries history and other similar factors and then place your bet.

In-Play or In-Running Betting

As runs form the major part of T20 matches, you have a lot of different betting options in terms of the batting performance of a team. In-Play run totals is one such betting market in which your sportsbook will assign a particular number of runs that a team is likely to score in 20 overs and you will need to bet on whether the team will score over or under the set score. This betting market will be open while the matches are in progress, and you will be involved in live betting.

Man of the Match

Man of the match is the award given to a player who makes a significant difference to the result of any match. To be profitable with these bets, focus on a middle order batsman who bats exceptionally well to take his team to victory, or a bowler delivering a match winning over with wickets.

Highest 6 Overs Score

This is another pre-match betting market. There will be T20 teams with batsmen focusing on hitting boundaries right from the start of the match; look for such players and bet on their teams to win this bet.

The Twenty20 format of cricket was originally introduced in the year 2003 by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) as an inter-county championship event. The format then became popular in various other cricket-playing countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka, and more, and is now one of the most interesting, loved and followed cricket formats in the entire world. As the format is much shorter than the usual cricket formats like One Day International and Test series, lasting only for about three hours, it brings in more life and entertainment, and thus, also happens to be a great sport for online betting.