Stanley Cup Bitcoin Sports Betting

Who will win the Stanley Cup? Overview and comparison of the best NHL odds in the Playoff. The current odds for the winner of the Stanley Cup 2019 in the comparison of the best betting providers on the Internet. Which sports betting provider has the best odds for the NHL Season?

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The way to the Stanley Cup Final

After the Regular Season, each Conference will play out its winner in the Conference Quarter Finals, Conference Semifinals and Conference Finals, who will then compete for the Stanley Cup in the final.

The series of each round will be played in best-of-7 mode, which means that a team will need four wins to reach the next round. Important for Play Off bets: The higher-ranked team has home rights in the first two games and the opposing team in the next two. If no winner has emerged from the round by then, the home right changes alternately from game to game. The higher-ranked team has the home advantage in games 1, 2, 5 and 7, i.e. in four of the maximum seven games.

A difference in the playoffs – in comparison to the basic round – is in the design of overtime if it is a tie after 60 minutes:

In games that do not produce a winner after the regular playing time, the so-called overtime follows. In contrast to the regular season, this is played with five field players and ends with the first goal (sudden death).

Tips for NHL bets in the playoffs

The playoffs are something very special in sports such as ice hockey and basketball – a whole season is decided here. So bets in the playoffs are a bit different than in the regular season.

The biggest difference is that the two teams facing each other in the respective playoff round duel several times within a few days and weeks. After all, it takes four wins to advance to the next round. So in the shortest case there will be four duels – and within a few days. A maximum of seven matches in a series is possible. For the friends of NHL bets, there is not only a new betting market, but also other types of bets come to the fore.

Who wins the series?

This type of bet is comparable to the bet in football, which is particularly popular in cup matches, in the Champions League knockout phase or at world and European championships from the round of 16.

The difference: In football there are a maximum of two duels, in the NHL playoff – as mentioned above – four, five, six or even seven duels. So it may be that the results of the first two duels have no or only a very small effect on the outcome of the series.

Even a 2-2 has relatively little to mean, as it takes four wins to advance. Nevertheless, the “Who wins the series” bet is a popular long-term bet in NHL, because the actual favourite usually wins out here. And you don’t depend on individual results for this bet.

With some online betting providers like Betsson, who are very good at ice hockey betting, you can bet on the outcome of the series – whether team A wins the series 4:0, 4:1, 4:2 or 4:3.

Empty Net Goal

Since the playoff is basically all or nothing, individual games are more important than the basic round. If a defeat in 82 games in the Regular Seasen doesn’t exactly have a serious effect, it’s a bit different in a playoff series. A defeat can have bad consequences.

So teams that are only one goal behind shortly before the end are forced to act – and that happens in ice hockey when the goalkeeper is taken out and replaced by a sixth field player.

This gives the other, the leading, team the opportunity to shoot at the empty goal and achieve the so-called “Empty Net Goal”. The good thing is that the odds are pretty high. For those who expect a tight game, this is certainly an interesting betting option. This special bet can be found with those online bookmakers who are very well positioned in terms of NHL odds – such as Unibet.

NHL Playoff Bitcoin Betting

From each of the four divisions, the three best teams on points (a total of 12) and the two wildcard teams of each conference qualified (a total of four). These 16 teams started the knockout playoffs.

Eastern Conference

  • Atlantic Division: A1: Tampa Bay Lightning / A2: Boston Bruins / A3: Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Metropolitan Division: M1: Washington Capitals / M2: New York Islanders / M3: Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Wild cards: EWC1: Carolina Hurricanes / EWC2: Columbus Blue Jackets

Western Conference

Central Division: C1: Nashville Predators / C2: Winnipeg Jets / C3: St. Louis Blues

Pacific Division: P1: Calgary Flames / P2: San Jose Sharks / P3: Vegas Golden Knights

Wild cards: WWC1: Dallas Stars / WWC2: Colorado Avalanche

The four division winners met the wildcard teams of the respective conference in the 1st round. Whereby: The division winner with the most points met the worse of the two wildcard teams. The other duels of the Conference quarter finals were held within the divisions among the second and third placed teams.

Who will win the Stanley Cup?

The NHL Playoffs 2019 will experience one surprise after the other – in the first round all four (!) division winners have been eliminated: Tampa Bay Lightning (Atlantic), Washington Capitals (Metropolitan), Nashville Predators (Central) and the Calgary Flames (Pacific).

This means that the Stanley Cup now has completely new favourites – and from the point of view of the betting providers, these are the Boston Bruins! The Bruins beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 4:3 in the first playoff round, the Columbus Blue Jackets 4:2 in the second round and the Carolina Hurricanes 4:0 in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Boston squad’s biggest asset is a squad of low-calibre players who play as a cohesive and well-rehearsed unit under the leadership of veteran Zdeno Chara, who captains the Bruins on the ice at the age of 41.

In addition, there is an incredibly unerring trio of Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak. This trio scored a total of 20 scorer points against Toronto alone! In the Stanley Cup Finals the Bruins meet the St. Louis Blues, who are easy outsiders according to the odds.

In the first round, St. Louis beat the Winnipeg Jets in six games, after which the Dallas Stars were painstakingly knocked down in seven games. With a 4:2 against the San Jose Sharks, the Blues finally entered the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in their history.

NHL Bitcoin Sportsbooks – The mode of the season:

  • As usual in US sports, the season starts with a basic round of 82 games, also called Regular Season.
  • Once the regular season is over, the play-offs start for a total of 16 teams. Eight teams are qualified for each conference. Among them are the three first-placed teams in each division, of which there are two per conference, as well as the two best wild card teams.
  • Each duel is played in a best-of-seven series – that is, you need at least four wins to move on to the next play-off round.
  • At the end, the two Conference winners will face each other in the Stanley Cup final, which will also be played in Best-of-Seven mode.