Pakistani Cricket Bitcoin Sports Betting

Pakistan Super League is a much fantasized and exciting cricket leagues and this year it has entered its second edition successfully. Pakistan has not seen international cricket in its home grounds for many years now because of the threats caused to players from terrorists and anti-social elements. Hence, there is a lot of craze and fan frenzy for this league, and the betting opportunities are enormous.

Best Sportsbooks for Pakistan Super League

This betting site was established in the year 2013 and is one of the top betting platforms available for cricket lovers. With an overall performance and customer review rating of around 9 on 10, we can recommend this site for any sports betting lover. Nitrogen Sports has gained the reputation of being one of the popular betting sites around, with numerous users and bets placed every single hour. Bitcoin logic integrated web design is very good. Betting on your favorite game is very fast, easy and intuitive, making it one of the best betting websites.

The betting odds in Nitrogensports are much better compared to industry standards. The number of sports, leagues, matches and the variety of bets offered by this site are very exciting too. It is one of the best few betting platforms that let you bet on Pakistan Super League matches. Transactions and customer service provided by them are top class. 2 step authentication process implemented by them gives you double the security. Quality is their priority and you can see that as soon as you get into their site. This is one of the best sportsbooks for betting on PSL using Bitcoin, so don’t miss it.


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Sportsbet is another highly secure sportsbook for betting on Pakistan Super League. For a Sportsbook established only last year, they are performing top notch, which is remarkable considering other betting platforms. All the betting deposits and withdrawals can be handled using Bitcoin and this delivers total anonymity, which is what most of us expect to get from any Sportsbook. They accept bettors from all countries and their user interface is one of the most friendly and fun to operate. They have one of the strongest live betting platforms. Sportsbet is one of the authenticated betting platforms and you can enjoy betting without worrying about any financial risks.

People even from countries that don’t allow betting can make use of Sportsbet to enjoy placing bets anonymously. Unlike other promotional websites, is a professional betting site and they won’t send you any unwanted mails regarding promotions or other sort. You may not find many offers and promotions, but you will enjoy betting on Pakistan Super League matches live. Both new and professional gamblers and PSL betting enthusiasts will love this sportsbook for its simplicity and attractive betting options. It is all about fun and entertainment all the way.


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In a market full of Bitcoin based sportsbooks, stands out because of its advanced package. Bitcoin bettors all over the world would know what we mean by that. Crypto bookmaking sites are increasing every single day and it is tough to establish a name for it; having established late in the year 2013, this site has definitely got a great name for itself. If you are used to betting right from your smartphone then you will love this sportsbook because they provide one of the best intuitive interfaces that work seamlessly on smartphones. You can relate to their interface to some of the leading betting sites of the world. Range of bets, odds and customer support are some of their strong points.

On the flip side, some of the drawbacks of Cloudbet are its transactions and anonymity, which are not up to the mark. When compared to other Bitcoin based sportsbooks, they are relatively less anonymous. Email sign up and confirmation before placing a bet is one of the frustrating things about Cloudbet. You should be using Cloudbet for placing your bets on PSL matches if you love fast cash outs, high betting limits, wide betting frontiers, big deposit bonuses and live betting services.


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Pakistan Super League Betting Odds

You can bet on PSL matches in multiple ways and if you understand all of them, you will be able to place your best bet possible. Betting markets available for you are evaluated below. Most of these odds are offered by leading PSL betting sportsbooks.

Match Winner

Match outcome is the most common betting odd you will find on all of the sportsbooks. This bet is common and you can find most of the amateur bettors using it. Winner takes all is the bet and you can get great returns according to the betting scenario. In play betting or pre-match betting are the two ways you can place your bet. Winning odds and price will differ according to your bet. Place your bet after careful evaluation of the betting market.

Title Winner

Whenever a new league or season starts, all of us would be keen enough in guessing a title winner. Even this odd is quite popular and if you are willing to take this bet before the season starts, you get an opportunity to win big.

Top Batsman

Betting on a player who is going to score the maximum runs in a match is also very popular. Live betting of this odd will let you evaluate the match scenario better and place the bet accordingly. Not many batsmen get to run high scores in this short T20 PSL format, so it should be fun betting on them.

Total Boundaries

Pakistan Super League, just like any other T20 league format of the world, is all about boundaries. You can bet on the number of 4s and 6s too. If you love cricket a lot then you will love to bet on these odds. Depending upon the team lineup, you can judge which team hits maximum boundaries. Teams with players known for hitting big 4s and 6s are often bet on. Pitch and weather conditions in play also have to be considered.

Maximum 6s

This is another exclusive bet that is focused on the market of betting on a team or a player who is going to hit maximum 6s. Certain players have the habit of hitting boundaries no matter what the playing conditions are and that is their playing style. Players who are big boundary hitters are often the ones most bet on.

Man of the Match

A player or multiple players (very rare) who make a huge difference during the course of the match, giving an edge for his team to win the game, will be awarded man of the match. You can bet on the player you think will get that prize. Bettors often place their bets on certain surprise players who on the day outshine everyone and this is the technique to earn high returns.

Pakistan Super League was established in 2016 and is one of the growing cricket leagues in the world. It may not be highly rated like some of the leading franchise T20 leagues such as IPL and Big Bash, but it is getting there. It is a five franchisee league representing 4 different Pakistani cities. Each of these 5 franchises are owned and operated by investors, which is unlike other leagues which are operated as independently owned teams. Security threats are still haunting this league causing most of the matches to be held in UAE. 2017 PSL final alone was held in Lahore, which is a dawn of a new beginning. We can expect this league to rise in popularity over time.