mBit Casino Sportsbook Review

mBit Casino Sportsbook Review


mBit Casino has temporarily disabled its sportsbook feature.


Although relatively new to the scene, since mBit Casino came online in 2014 it’s been making a bit of splash in terms of offering both casino, sportsbooks, and live betting entertainment. With the advent of Bitcoin becoming a popular currency for gambling, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that a number of sportsbooks have popped up to fill the gap – and although it’s only a year old, mBit Casino does show a lot of promise. Like other reputable sites of the same nature, it is licensed and operated out of Curacao.

So, what makes mBit Casino stand out from other sites? On the surface, it has the patina of most other gambling organizations, but unlike some which have specialized or focused solely on sportsbooks and/or casinos, they’ve attempted to diversify themselves to handle both. Nevertheless, there is a somewhat generic feel to the overall aesthetic, especially on their home-page which is flashy and catches the eye, but doesn’t feel particularly unique in what it’s offering.

Still, once you start browsing around they do have a rather extensive archive of different games and featured sports (15 in total) which is more than enough for the majority of us. More importantly, they focus on sports that are both popular and current, and these include European football (soccer), American football, baseball, hockey, and even handball. It was particularly nice to see them incorporating both men’s and women’s volleyball, as well as men’s and women’s tennis.

The featured sports were, of course, all the big league ones – these include the NBA, NFL, UEFA Champions League, and the English Premiere League. Many of them contained games that could be anywhere from several months in the future right up to live games, and in many cases give numerous options to bet on outcomes right up until the last minute.

Diversity And Security Guaranteed By mBit Casinos

While their sportsbook is the focus of this article, it should be noted that mBit Casino also has – eponymous to its name – a wide range of casino-oriented games as well. Sometimes this can be to the detriment of their sportsbook aspect, which may be tacked on as a sort of secondary feature. Fortunately, mBit hasn’t fallen for this pitfall, and their sports section felt complete and well-maintained.

In order to attract as many players as possible, mBit Casino also offers a number of different bonuses, but the most celebrated and marketed one is a 110% welcome bonus up to 1 BTC. While this is generous, by exceeding the percentage generally offered by sportsbooks, it was a little disappointing to see them only willing to go up to 1 BTC – this might be a symptom of the fact that they’re a relatively new sportsbook, but even with the extra 10% match bonus, the fact that they’re only willing to go up to a single BTC may detract from their appeal. However, less publicized is the fact that on a second deposit you can still get up to 50% bonus on 1 BTC so in a way it does even out.

In order to sign up and register they make it quite easy – simply a valid e-mail address is required, as well as an e-Wallet which can allow you to make deposits of Bitcoins (the minimum being 2 mBTC), and is also used to make withdrawals (the maximum payout being 100 BTC per month).

While Bitcoin transfers are, by their nature, extremely fast and efficient (and this is true for making wagers), players should note that certain deposits with mBit may take up to 30 minutes to be processed in the block chain – similar to when you deposit bitcoin to your debit card. The relatively simple registration on their site and the use of Bitcoins does, however, ensure a degree of anonymity each time you make a wager, which again is pertinent especially if you’re playing out of the United States.

Something that was nice to see, among others, was the fact that mBit employs a Live Chat option for their support center. Although not quite as streamlined as some other casino sites, they were remarkably efficient and timely, and were more than helpful in covering topics or issues that may have lain outside their FAQ and troubleshooting sections.
Additionally, they have a pretty comprehensive wagering system – not only do they have Asian handicaps, but often with some of the featured sports you can make single or multiple bets which can help to increase your odds of winning.

The Live Games section was also very up to date and there were no issues with lags – but while they were able to cram a lot of information into their website (time-lines, betting histories, and various odds) it never felt cluttered or overwhelming, so in this sense the sportsbook element of their site was remarkably user friendly.

Lastly, if you’re an extremely avid gambler or sportsbook enthusiast, mBit Casino has you covered with a VIP program, especially for those who often bet high or play a lot (or both), which includes potential reward bonuses such as gift cards, electronics, and even cash.

On the downsides, it was very difficult to find any RTP (Return To Player) statistics, so it’s not entirely clear what the user win-to-lose ratio is since they have neglected to give out that information. This is sometimes an indicator of stacked odds, but there seems to be a consistent consensus that their wagers tend to be standard to other sportsbooks.

Also, though this is a bit more picky, they have included a lot of sports and even attempted to include women’s division such as tennis, but don’t have other sports such as the WNBA or women’s soccer.

Likely this is related to the popularity of the sport or the ability to collect up-to-date data on it, but in terms of setting themselves apart as a sportsbook it could conceivably be a good direction. So far the only language they’re currently offering is English, as well, which probably affects their ability to reach a more global audience.

Overall, although they’re the new kids on the block, the full package that mBit offers is substantial and well-rounded enough to warrant a 4.4 out of 5, and looks to show a lot of promise once they find their feet (if they haven’t already).

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