German Bundesliga Bitcoin Sports Betting

With highly passionate and competent teams that also excel with their involvement in the community, the German Bundesliga is known to be the one football league that has the strongest bond with its home country.

Top Sportsbooks for German Bundesliga Betting

German Bundesliga presents to you numerous betting options. In order to make sure that your bets get you proper profits, your choice of sportsbook should be reputed and reliable. Here are our recommendations:

As the official betting partner of one of the leading online Bitcoin casinos,, comes as an experienced and reliable sports betting platform, which it actually is. Those of you who are already aware of the company’s Bitcoin casino will have no hesitation proceeding with this sportsbook. The website of the sportsbook is designed professionally and with users in mind, as everything is laid out perfectly and clearly, making navigation simple and easy for bettors. One of the strong points of this online sports betting platform is definitely its live betting feature.

When it comes to the events, leagues, and sports range covered by, we can confidently say that no bettor would be disappointed with the offerings. The betting types supported by the platform are also quite large, thus giving you a lot of different options for Bundesliga betting. Deposits and withdrawals are quite speedy, and one of the most likeable features of would be its 24/7 customer support. If you are a new Bitcoin sports bettor, the user friendly nature of the sportsbook’s platform makes it the perfect choice for you.


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CloudBet Sportsbook

CloudBet is an online casino and sportsbook available on a single platform for easy access. Therefore, if you are someone looking to enjoy making some money betting on sports as well as from playing casino games, this platform would be something you will absolutely love. Established less than five years ago, CloudBet was one of the first online betting platforms that supported the use of cryptocurrencies for betting purposes. Currently, the platform accepts only Bitcoin, and happens to be a favorite among the cryptocurrency users.

Deposits and withdrawals with CloudBet are lightening fast, and the website itself is designed with care to offer a comprehensive betting experience. One area where the sportsbook can improve is customer support; though the response time is low, the lack of live chat and 24/7 support is still a drawback. Loaded with features that ensure great user experience, security, and entertainment, CloudBet Sportsbook is definitely a platform worth checking out.


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Betcoin Sports

Working under the supervision of, Betcoin Sports is another leading Bitcoin and Litecoin sportsbook that is known to be trustworthy. The sports betting platform’s years of experience operating in the industry and catering to bettors can be clearly seen in the level of customer support and betting services it offers. The sportsbook’s website is very user friendly and makes it convenient for people to place their bets in every way possible. All the sports, leagues and events are categorized in terms of their countries straightaway, and this makes searching and betting much easier.

As the sportsbook covers a huge array of sports and leagues, including German Bundesliga, you will always have one betting market or the other to place your bets on, thus keeping you engaged and entertained at all times. With great customer support, engaging platform, and competitive and comprehensive services, this is one reputable online sportsbook to be tried.


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German Bundesliga Betting Odds

With world class teams and players, German Bundesliga happens to be one of the most popular football leagues in the world, and provides great entertainment in all possible ways. As a result, the league is also popular for online betting. To make sure that your bets on Bundesliga teams and players end up beneficial, following are the odds you should learn about:

Winner Odds

As with the outright markets in all other football leagues, the Winner Odds in German Bundesliga refers to the bet you place on the team you think will attain the number one position on the table at the end of the season.

Top 4 Odds

One type of positional finish betting market in Bundesliga is the top 4 market, where you can place your bet on teams you think will finish in the top 4 positions when the season ends. This is one of the popular betting markets because it gives bettors the opportunity to analyze the performance of teams and bet on those that seem to have strengthened their skills and chances during the season.

Relegation Odds

This is another betting market that many punters prefer involving in. In football, when teams that perform well in the lower division get promoted to the higher division in the following season, and teams that are poor performers in the higher division get transferred to the lower division in the next season, they are known to be relegated.

Goalscorer Odds

When it comes to outright odds in German Bundesliga, you not only get to bet on teams, but also on individual players based on their performances. With the goalscorer odds, you can place your bet on a player you think will be the top goalscorer of the season.

In addition to these betting odds, some online sportsbooks also offer what they call the “Without Bayern” market or odds. As Bayern Munich have been displaying their strength constantly for several seasons now, sportsbooks give bettor the option to bet on the club they think will be on the top of the Bundesliga table, eliminating Bayern Munich from consideration.

The Bundesliga, which translated to Federal League, is a professional football association in Germany. In a country that only had sub-regional football leagues, to know that the Bundesliga has the world’s highest average stadium attendance is certainly a pride for the country’s football lovers. The league initially had only very few club members, but has now transformed into one of the most loved football leagues, with world renowned teams and players being a part of it. Though there have been changes in the organization of the league over the years, it still manages to provide the highest level of fun, excitement, and entertainment to viewers and bettors alike.