French Ligue 1 Bitcoin Sports Betting

French Ligue 1 is one of the major football leagues in the world. Though the league has not gained as much popularity as the other leading events, like the English Premier League or La Liga, it is still followed by a lot of football enthusiasts around the world.

Best Sports Betting Platforms for Ligue 1 Betting

Betcoin Sports

With just a few years of experience in the online sports betting industry, Betcoin Sports has turned out to be one of the preferred names for sports betting among users. The sportsbook works on cryptocurrencies and therefore accepts deposits and allows withdrawals only in Bitcoin and Litecoin. This is a huge advantage for online bettors because of the fact that they get to remain anonymous. What attracts more bettors to the platform is their one confirmation deposits, which reduces the time people otherwise spend on making deposits on the website, and instead use that time analyzing betting markets and placing bets.

The platform is professional, with games, leagues or events categorized in terms of countries to make search easier. Betcoin Sports also supports a wide variety of games and leagues to bet on, in addition to French Ligue 1. The customer support offered by the sportsbook is also very good, though there is no 24/7 support. All in all, Betcoin Sports is a platform where you can indulge in a huge pool of sporting events to bet on and enjoy great profits.


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Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is a fairly new sports betting platform with less than five years of experience in the market. Despite this fact, the sportsbook is now one of the many trustworthy websites that bettors rely on when it comes to French Ligue 1 and other sports betting. The website is logical and sleek, making it fast as well as easy to find markets and place bets. The betting history and all other bettor details are displayed clearly, and everything works just right.

The range of sports, events, and leagues covered by Nitrogen Sports is huge, similar to most leading sports betting platforms. The betting types supported by the sportsbook are also standard, which means you will be able to bet on French Ligue 1 with the betting type of your choice. The deposits and withdrawals are fast and easy, customer support is good with fast responses, and the overall quality of the sportsbook is on par, if not better, with other leading platforms.


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CloudBet Casino and Sportsbook

CloudBet Casino and Sportsbook platform is also a fairly new introduction in the online sports betting arena. The sportsbook aims at providing reliable and safe services, while not compromising on the fun factor that bettors expect from one such platform. The design of the website is modern and attractive, and the fact that there is also a mobile version of the website make it a hit among bettors, as they can place their bets from the convenience of their mobile phone even on the go.

The range of sports and events covered by the sportsbook is great, giving bettors great variety. The odds are really good as well, and the sportsbook also support a wide range of betting types. Transactions are fast, with instant withdrawals, and their customer service is very good as well. Overall, the high quality of service offered by CloudBet makes it one of the best online sportsbooks in the world.


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French Ligue 1 Betting Odds

If you want to make consistent profits betting on French Ligue 1, you should first understand the betting markets and odds of the league. The most popular betting markets, like with any football league, are: Asian Handicap, Goal Total Over/Under, and Match Result.

Title Odds

As any sports bettor would be aware, the title odds refers to the bet you will place on the team you think will win the title of the league at the end of the season. You can bet on title odds before the season begins as well as throughout the season. Obviously, the odds will fluctuate as the season progresses.

Top 3 Finish Odds

The top 3 finish odds is another option for you to make some decent profit from your French Ligue 1 bets. Here you will bet on the teams you anticipate will finish in the top 3 positions on the table, and thus will progress to the Champions League after the season is over.

Winner Without PSG Odds

Yes, this is actually something that many sportsbooks offer. As the Paris Saint-Germain have been very successful in the past few years, online sportsbooks bring to you the Winner Without PSG Odds, in which your bet will win if the team you choose ends up being second on the table, behind the PSG.

Relegation Odds

While many new bettors think that betting on the top teams is the only best way to make more money with French Ligue 1 betting, not many know that the relegation odds are also equally rewarding and popular. In this betting type, you should place your bet on teams you think will be at the bottom three positions of the table. Similar to the Title Odds, relegation odds can also be betted on before the season, and the odds here are also likely to fluctuate during the season.

Goalscorer Odds

This is a highly popular betting type among French Ligue 1 lovers as people get to place bets on their favorite player who they think will be the top goalscorer of the season. As there are a lot of leading players in the league, the odds of this betting will be very beneficial to bettors.

Originally named the National, Division 1 (now known as Ligue 1) was introduced in the year 1932, prior to which there were no professional football events or leagues in France. Ligue 1 is a division of the Ligue de Football Professionnel, and a total of 380 games are played in a season. The number of teams playing in the division has been changing over the years, and currently there are 20 teams competing in the league. In addition to being broadcasted in France and Europe, the competition has slowly gained popularity in other parts of the world and is now viewed by fans in the United States, Brazil, Africa, Mexico, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Indonesia as well.