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For the 45th time this summer in South America the Copa America rises. As in Europe and Asia, more and more teams are taking part in this tournament. But because there are only ten teams in South America that belong to the CONMEBOL, two visiting teams are invited without further ado. This year they are Japan and the Asian champions from Qatar. But neither of them will play a major role in the awarding of the title. Eight of the ten South American teams have already won the tournament. Only Ecuador and Venezuela are still waiting for their first triumph. The record winner is Uruguay, who have already won the Copa America 15 times. Argentina follows with 14 titles directly behind.

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But recently, the Chileans surprisingly won the tournament twice. In 2015 as host and in 2016 at the Copa America Centenario, which took place in the USA for the 100th anniversary, the Chileans kept the upper hand. This year, the Brazilians will be the hosts and that brings us to the favourites. Copa America 2019 doesn’t require much analysis to see the Brazilians as the big favourites. The Selecao are currently probably the best team on the continent and therefore Copa America 2019 will offer the lowest odds for a home win.

The Argentinians must always be on screen and are considered by the bookmakers to be the toughest competitor. Uruguay, Colombia and Chile may still be on our radar. All the other teams are already considered to be outsiders. Whether the two Asian teams can hold their own in the concert of the many former world champions, we would rather doubt. The overall field should be too strong for that.

A word about the mode: In three groups of four, the first two teams qualify directly for the quarter-finals. Then there are the two best third teams in the group. After the quarter finals, the playoffs will continue in the KO system. This year’s Copa America kicks off on 14 June with a match between Brazil and Bolivia. The final will take place a good three weeks later on 7 July at the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro.

The Bitcoin betting favourites at Copa America


Successes at Copa America: 8x winner, last 2007

After the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, Copa America 2019 is the next major sporting event to keep Brazil in suspense. The football-mad country is keeping its fingers crossed for Selecao that it will finally win another title. The 2002 World Cup and the Copa America 2007 have felt like an eternity ago. Coach Tite now has a team together that promises a lot of success in the mix. Experienced warriors and carefree young players will try to put Brazil in a state of emergency during the Copa weeks. The team has the tactical maturity, experience, speed and, of course, the technical resources of no other team in the world.

The Brazilian squad is led by superstar Neymar, who has led Brazil to Olympic gold. Now, however, a trophy with the senior national team should finally be taken again. The tendency is that we would prefer the odds for a Brazilian triumph at Copa America. However, we will have to see how the team deals with the pressure and how the squad is put together at the end. The last defeat for Selecao was in the 2018 quarter-finals against Brazil. At the start of the Copa, the Brazilians will have been undefeated for almost a year.


Successes at the Copa America: 14x winner, last 1993

The question that arises at the Albiceleste before any major tournament is whether Lionel Messi remains unfinished in the national team’s kit. He has won everything with FC Barcelona, and the little Argentinian can’t complain about individual awards either. However, Messi still lacks a title with the national team, with which he has already completed several finals, including the 2014 World Cup or three times with Copa America. The superstar had actually retired from the national team once again after the World Cup in Russia, but now he is available for the continental tournament again and hopes to finally win a title for his country at one of his last chances.

As far as personnel are concerned, the Argentinians will surely send a team into the race that should meet the highest demands. Coach Lionel Sebastian Scaloni can almost draw on the full staff. Gonzalo Higuain has retired, but there are many top stars in the attack who can fill this gap. However, recent internationals have shown that the Argentines are not a conspiratorial community. The climate within the team seems to be causing problems again and again. It remains to be seen whether Argentina can finally defeat the Messi title curse in Copa America. The Albiceleste have what it takes in any case.


Successes at Copa America: 15x winner, last in 2011

The Uruguayans have basically been playing the same boot for years. But they have been quite successful overall. For many years, Oscar Tabarez has been defensively compact, with Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani as two top-of-the-line strikers in the attack. Both are still at an age where they can still win a big title. In essence, it is still the team that won the Copa America in 2011. The leading players are still the same, so Uruguay is a must.

At Copa America, the odds show that the Celeste will have the best chance of winning the title after Brazil and Argentina. After the World Cup, when Uruguay failed in the quarter-finals against France, who later became World Champion, the team had to go through a valley, from which they seem to have left again. After all, there have recently been two more wins over Uzbekistan and Thailand, even without numerous stars. In the Copa, the Uruguayans will once again be an uncomfortable opponent, capable of holding their own against the favourites on good days, and perhaps the record winner of the tournament will be able to set himself apart from his rivals Argentina.


Successes at Copa America: Winner 2001

After the Jose Pekerman era, the Colombians have taken a new direction and got themselves on board as coach Carlos Queiroz. With him, the cafeteros will emerge from the shadowy existence of the big teams, as the Colombians have not played more than the third or fourth violin in South America in recent years, despite the superstars Radamel Falcao and James Rodriguez. Around these two players will now be built a new team. The results after the World Cup, where Colombia failed in the penalty shoot-out against England in the last sixteen, should therefore not be the focus of our attention. However, there have been numerous wins against teams from North America. Only recently did the Colombians concede a bankruptcy against South Korea.

However, it is unlikely that they will be able to build on their greatest triumph yet. In 2001 Colombia won the Copa America for the first and only time in their own country. However, almost all their rivals had travelled without their stars for security reasons, and Argentina even completely refused to participate. A triumph in Brazil would be a completely different house number. But in Copa America 2019, the analysis shows that the semi-final is likely to be the most emotional.


Successes at Copa America: Winner 2015, 2016

If you start as the winner of the last two tournaments, are you one of the big favourites? We don’t think that’s true for Chile this year. The defending champion still has many stars like Arturo Vidal or Alexis Sanchez. But the question is how hot the Chileans are for this tournament. On the one hand, a few years have gone into the country, on the other hand, you get fed up at some point. But the title hat trick would be unique. The Argentines last managed to do that in the 1940s. Chile surprisingly missed out on participating in the 2018 World Cup. Maybe they also missed the chance to realign the team.

Coach Reinaldo Rueda has not yet nominated many young hopefuls. That’s why we think that the warriors from Chile might be a little tired by now. You can’t take them lightly, but we wouldn’t recommend placing bets on a third tournament win for Chile in Copa America 2019. However, Chile could go a long way in this tournament and who knows, perhaps the fighting spirit of this team will be sparked once again.

Outsiders at Copa America 2019

If we’ve already added five teams to the extended group of favourites, then there won’t be so many teams left that can be described as outsiders. First of all, we probably have to mention the Peruvian side, who have had a great development and were back at the World Cup last year in Russia after 36 long years. The Peruvians are playing a speed football, which is a good reason to hope to get far in the Copa.

Venezuela is also a kind of secret favourite. This nation has never pulled out trees before and many Venezuelans have other worries as well, but we can imagine that the Vinotintos will move closer together again because of the politically tense situation and then bring their qualities, coupled with high passion, on the grass.

Ecuador is also always a team that is uncomfortable to play on good days, but has obviously had its best years. The same is probably true for Paraguay. Bolivia is currently the weakest team in South America. We would therefore give the Bolivians just as good a chance of winning the title as we would the two Asian guests from Japan and Qatar, namely none.

Bitcoin Sportsbooks – Who will win Copa America?

The first thought when it comes to winning the Copa America is always towards Argentina and Brazil. In terms of potential, there is no team in South America that can hold a candle to these two teams. So at Copa America 2019 the favourites are easy to name. But Argentina hasn’t won a title since 1993. The Brazilians have played a very dominant World Cup qualifier and also made a decent appearance in Russia, in addition to the home advantage, so at Copa America 2019 the odds on the Brazilians winning the title would be our first choice. We don’t see many teams that can water Brazil and Argentina.

Uruguay, Colombia and Chile are the most likely competitors for the two heavyweights. Uruguay with their old tactics and the same staff, Colombia with their new coach and Chile after the failed World Cup qualifier on the mission of reparation, you have to have them all on the page. Behind them, Peru and Venezuela, perhaps Japan, will follow by a little distance. But that was it, too. We think that on 7 July an entire nation will celebrate in green and yellow at Maracana. We think that the Selecao will win the tournament and would place our bets on Brazil at Copa America 2019 despite the low odds of 2.25.