Betcoin Sports Review

Betcoin Sports Review

In the realm of online gambling, the element of sports betting more often than not gets left on the sidelines (excuse the pun) especially when dealing with all-inclusive casinos – in this case, sportsbooks may just be one element of a much larger interactive experience. This isn’t an inherently bad thing, but many times if very serious sports enthusiasts want to devote both time and money to wagering and watching their matches pay out, it can feel a little bit like one is being cheated.

That’s why it’s nice to see some sites that cater exclusively to the sportsbook demographic, both in terms of actually offering a super detailed archive and listing of events and sports, but also in terms of understanding what their customers and players are actually looking for.

Leading Among Online Sportsbooks

betcoinsports gameBetCoinSports manages to fulfill all of these requisites, by offering a huge variety of different games – and while they have a casino and poker element, focus is placed heavily on the actual sports.

Common ones like basketball, soccer, baseball, and hockey all have up-to-the-minute (literally) games that can be betted on live, as well as various other events ranging anywhere from weeks to months in advance which gives a good spread and makes it accessible to all sorts of players – those who like to take their time and figure out their bets strategically, and those who like the rush-and-tumble flair of betting on the run.

They also have a very lovely layout, which while secondary to the actual playing of a game, still offers a lot in way of feeling attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Let’s face it, if your site looks weak and copied, your players aren’t going to feel like returning, and BetCoinSports has a crisp black color theme that feels professional.

Strong Wagers And A Comprehensive Gaming Experience

The company first came online in 2013 so can officially be considered having survived the ‘honeymoon phase’ of its creation – now two years old, it’s managed to carve out a niche for itself as a fair and balanced site, and since it’s operated out of Costa Rica (and uses Bitcoins) it makes it accessible to US players as well.

Security at BetcoinSports

betslipAs with comparable sportsbooks and online gambling sites, they also take security at a premium, and this extends even to their sign up and registration process: it takes very little time, and very little personal information is needed, confined solely to a valid email and a password, though they will ask a question to ensure that you are a human and not a spammer or a bot. Account

betcoinsports accountThere can, depending on the time of day, be a bit of a delay in terms of fully registering, unless you make an initial deposit right away. Some have noticed a 24 hour period between registering and being authenticated, but this has a lot more to do with BetCoinSports attempts to cut down on aforementioned spammers who try to take advantage of gaming sites – and I think this is shows a lot of integrity.

Again, players who make an initial deposit are ready to go immediately, giving testament to the fact that any delays in registration have to do with enhanced security, so their ability to offer peace of mind is admirable. Of course, having a valid e-Wallet is also necessary in order to both deposit and withdraw currency.

When signing up, they have a minimum deposit amount of 0.01 BTC (10 credits), but what’s really enticing about their site – and one of the reasons they’ve probably managed to stay on top, both as an online sportsbook and as a favored site for high payouts – is their bonus system. When depositing 5 BTC, you automatically get 1 BTC free. This is quite substantial, and again a very appealing aspect for gamers who play a lot or who generally bet high. There is also a referral bonus, which allows up to 50 points depending on your referral’s deposit.


chatOf course, a sportsbook wouldn’t be complete without a support section as well – although not particularly exemplary, the Live Chat featured (which was 24/7) were generally quite helpful, both in terms of figuring out transactional questions relating to Bitcoin or the site itself, as well as advising in other technical issues – they also have an email which was quite prompt in responding, and usually had a very detailed explanation for troubleshooting.

The Final Call On BetCoinSports

betcoinsports liveObviously a lot goes into considering the merits of an online sports book, but BetCoinSports by all accounts seems credible, and their huge listings and very current games put them in some of the higher echelons of gambling sites. Some of the other unique aspects of their site include some more unusual betting pools – these include computer games such as League of Legends, and they also have a very interesting Top Bets element at the bottom of their page.

This lists some of the top games with the highest bets and/or wagers on them, which is a small but very useful extra detail. One of the other unique items is the fact that they also use Litecoins which, although they can’t be used for actual wagers, are converted to Bitcoins at the listed exchange rate.

Where they end up faltering a bit – however small – is in their betting limit though. For all normal wagers, the max wager can only be up to 2 BTC (although is generally plenty for even the most professional gamers) – it would be nice to have seen them incorporate more than one language. At the moment, they offer only English (both on the site and among their support staff). Still, the fact that they’re 2 years old and still doing well means they’ve found a strong US membership, so they can hardly be faulted for that.

In general, we give them a 4.8 out of 5 because of their vast array of different events, their easy sign-up and registration, and their huge deposit bonus (1 BTC for a 5 BTC deposit).

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