Australian Cricket Bitcoin Sports Betting

When it comes to Australian cricket, there are three leagues that stand before the rest, the Big Bash League (BBL), the Matador Cup, and the Sheffield Shield. All these leagues are now popular in the online sports betting arena as well.

Best Sports Betting Platforms for Australian Cricket Betting

Established just last year, is one of the higher rated online sports betting platforms currently available. The platform is designed to enable both sports betting as well as casino gaming, giving widespread options to visitors of varied interests. In terms of sports betting, the platform covers a wide range of sports, events and leagues; however, when compared to other leading sportsbooks in the industry, the number of sports covered by this platform is quite low. But, since this is a new sportsbook, we do expect to see a lot of expansion in their sports coverage in the upcoming years.

For any sports betting website, security is one of the most crucial features. With being licensed under the government of Curacao and using Bitcoin as the main currency, you are assured great security and anonymity while placing your bets on your favorite Australian cricket league. The site itself is fantastic looking and extremely easy to use. With further expansion of its sports offerings, will become even more popular among online sports bettors.


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Nitrogen Sports

If you are looking for a website that would provide you with a complete online gambling experience, you would be satisfied with Nitrogen Sports. A sportsbook, casino, and poker room in one, this betting platform is a reputed name in the online gambling industry and attracts bettors with different interests and skill levels. Nitrogen Sports covers a wide variety of international sports and events, which is also inclusive of Australian cricket leagues and tournaments. This is also a Bitcoin based website and you can cash out your profits directly to your Bitcoin wallet, which is known to take merely seconds.

Similar to other leading online sportsbooks, Nitrogen Sports also ensures high level of security and anonymity on its website. The platform guarantees “lightening fast” transactions, which means that your deposits and withdrawals will be processed instantly, without any waiting time. With competitive odds, easy-to-use betting interface, and great turnaround time for customer support, Nitrogen Sports is clearly a terrific platform for Australian cricket betting.


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CloudBet Sportsbook

Claiming to be the world’s most advanced Bitcoin betting platform, CloudBet Bitcoin Casino and Sportsbook is certainly one of the few websites that stand out among the numerous Bitcoin sportsbooks on the web. This particular sports betting platform can be accessed via your computer as well as a mobile device, making it convenient for you to place your bets on Australian cricket while you are traveling. The site is also completely secure, allowing you to place bets discreetly at all times.

The variety of international sports and leagues covered by CloudBet is also huge, and their two-step authentication process makes sure that you are always protected from various online threats. The dashboard of the sportsbook is highly intuitive, and the overall design is made simple to make it easy even for new punters to find their way across the platform. With high bonuses, fantastic collection of sports betting markets, and great website design, CloudBet is definitely a industry leader you should give a try.


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Australian Cricket Betting Markets

There are a lot of ways to bet on Australian cricket. Despite belonging to different formats, these leagues have almost similar betting markets, and the most popular and preferred markets among them include the following:

Match Result

Like with any other sport, the match winner or match result betting market is the most betted on market in Australian cricket as well. In every match, two teams will compete head-to-head, and you will be required to place your bet on the team you expect to win the match. You can either place your bet before the match begins or wait for a few overs to finish and then proceed with your betting for better results.

Over/Under Boundaries Line

This betting market is especially profitable with the Big Bash League. As the league is in the 20-over format, runs form a vital part in it and so do the boundaries. Many bookmakers will offer an over/under line of the number of boundaries (fours or sixes) a team will hit at the end of their 20 overs. To make profits by betting on this market, you need to analyze the teams and their batting orders to see which team has more players with good history of hitting boundaries. Another factor to consider is the particular ground’s pitching and boundaries history.

In-Play Over/Under Runs Scored

The in-play over/under runs scored betting market is focused more towards the BBL and the Matador Cup. In this market, the sportsbook will assign a particular number of possible runs a team would score in 20 or 50 overs, depending on the league format. As this is an in-play betting market, the set line is more likely to go down if a team’s player hits a few dot balls or a team loses wickets early in the play. On the other hand, if a team’s batsman hits boundaries, the line will automatically increase.

Man of the Match

Man of the Match is basically an award presented to a player, batsman or bowler, who makes a striking difference to the outcome of a match. With this betting market, it is recommended that you focus on all-rounders as they will be able to perform well with batting or bowling or both.

Highest 6-Over Score

With some rule changes made recently, the 6-over score or powerplay score betting market is now available only with the Matador Cup. Here, you will bet on the team you think will hit the highest score during the powerplay overs. Your focus here should be on the players who prefer hitting boundaries no matter what the circumstances are, and bet on the team in which they belong.

Cricket in Australia has always remained a popular sport, in different levels such as local, domestic as well as international. As the sport has millions of fan following in all regions of the country, it is popularly referred to as the national sport of Australia. The Matador One-Day Cup is a domestic championship which was established in the country during the 1969-70 season. The Big Bash League came into existence quite recently, in the year 2011, and is a Twenty20 cricket format, and the Sheffield Shield is a first class cricket tournament to be introduced in 1891-92. Regardless of their different formats, all the three competitions are now the most followed and betted on leagues in Australia.