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The game of Darts is a throwing sport where handheld missiles are thrown at a circular board fixed on the wall. The game was first played in 1860’s in the UK which transformed into a professional sport over the years. Darts have always been a gambling game especially partnered with pubs. This is why, most of the movies today that has a pub/bar scene, there would always be a billiards table and a dart board hanging on the wall. This pub game staple has become a betting game well before online betting websites have existed. We have provided different events and leagues under Darts along with their betting odds for upcoming games.

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Dart Games

In addition to the widespread 501 darts game, which must be finished with a double field, there are a number of other ways to use the classic London Board. We would like to introduce the different games and their rules with and with you. To make the selection easier, the level of difficulty and the expected level of play are divided into three groups:

  • Beginners
  • Advanced
  • Professionals


When one speaks of the game of darts, as already mentioned above, there is usually talk of 501. It’s the standard game so to speak, played in both the Steel and E-Dart Bundesliga and used in all World Championships. Furthermore, shorter variants, 101 and 301, are possible and, especially in teams (doubles), games with a higher score, i.e. 701 or 1001.

How to play X01

Target: Eject the points (101, 301, 501, 701, 1001) first.

Unless otherwise stated, all competitions will be played straight in (start with any field possible) and double out (game must end with a double field). The bullseye also counts as a double field (50 points). If a player scores more points than the rest, he has thrown himself over and starts the next round again with the previous score.

Dartboard Numbers First, each player throws a dart on the bullfield. The player who has thrown closer to the middle starts the game.

A roll consists of three darts unless a league, set or game can be completed with fewer darts. Any dart that falls off the board or rebounds may not be thrown again. The first player or team to reduce the score to zero by hitting the required double is the winner of the league, set or game. If a player mistakenly throws a dart after he has already hit the required double, these points do not count if the player has finished the dart, dart set or game by throwing the previously thrown dart.

501 Rule The points thrown and the remaining points are recorded as shown in the figure. Please note that as soon as a player enters the finish area (the area from which the game can be finished = 170 points), both the number of points thrown and the previous rest are crossed out for better clarity.

Strategy: The scoring should be done at 501 over the highest possible fields, i.e. triple #20, #19 or #18. If the view of a triple field is obstructed, it is useful to go to one of the other segments mentioned above and perform a so-called cover shot. In order to learn the possible ejection paths, you should look at an outchart table. Basically it can be said that the double fields, which can be halved more often, should be used sooner:

  • D16, D8, D4, D2, D1
  • D20, D10, D5
  • D12, D6, D3
  • D18, D9
  • D14, D7
  • D11, D13, D15, D17, D19

X01 Variants

  • Straight In – Start with any field possible
  • Double In – Start only possible with a double field
  • Straight Out – Ejection possible with any field
  • Double Out – Last dart must hit a double field
  • Master Out – game can be ended with Triple or Double


Cricket is one of the most popular games after the 501 classic. In the USA it is even in first place.

How to play Cricket

Target: Be the first to hit the given fields three times and have the highest score.

Each player tries to hit the segments #20, #19, #18, #17, #16, #15 and the Bull three times as fast as possible. As soon as a square is hit, either by three times a single segment, once a single and double segment or once the triple segment, it is closed. Each further hit is noted as a score, if the opponent has not yet covered it. Example: First player starts, hits single #5 (miss), single #20 (one hit) and triple #20 (three hits), then he has closed the #20 segment and gets another 20 points as credit. The second player’s turn is to hit single #19 (one hit), double #19 (two hits = field closed) and triple #18 (field also closed).

Cricket rule The game is won by the player who has covered all the numbers and the bull, and has scored the most points. If two players have the same number of points, the first player to cover all numbers and the bull wins.

Strategy: Since it is of central importance to have the highest number of points in a cricket game, it is not uncommon for a game to end in a real battle of points. Even if the #20 field only counts one point more than the #19 field, it still means that it is worth one more hit. The opponent must hit #19 twice to compensate. You should avoid throwing after your opponent in cricket, but rather build up pressure yourself to force your opponent to play. For example, if the opponent starts with four #20s, it makes sense to try to hit five #19s and then close the #20 field first or even open the next field for points with the #18.

Other cricket variations, like High Score or Shanghai are available in the E-Dart rules.

Tac Tics

The Tac Tics game is an extension of the Cricket game by the fields #14, #13, #12, #11 and #10. It is very common in some German regions as well as in the Netherlands.

How to play Tac Tics

Target: Be the first to hit the given fields three times and have the highest score.

The biggest difference to the cricket game is that the additional squares #14, #11 and #10 give two segments which are directly above each other and are called “double squares”. This also results in a slightly different strategy where the #15/#10 and #14/#11 combinations are often preferred to the #17 and #16 squares. Due to the longer duration of the game, it is also easier to spin a game that you thought you had lost.


The combination of the above mentioned games is called “Triathlon”. First you play a game 501 (straight in, double out), the second Leg is Cricket or TacTics, and if you need a third Leg you play 301, double in and double out.