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Do you guys know what CrossFit is? It is an athletic regiment created by Greg Glassman. Basically, it’s a new workout routine that crosses the boundaries of different regular workout methods. It is basically regular workout learning how to speak in 12 different languages. Aside from being a fitness regiment, every year since 2007, athletes are able to compete in the annual Cross Fit Games held in California. The completion hosts the best athletes from around the world to participate in obstacle courses, ocean swimming, throwing, and a whole lot more! The competition was designed to determine who the “Fittest on Earth” is. Below we have provided the upcoming betting odds for the different sporting events and leagues.

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Topfit through the hardest training in the world

Picture Crossfit With Crossfit you train maximum strength, speed, coordination, endurance and flexibility at the same time.

You are disciplined, sporty and want to achieve a lot quickly? If these characteristics apply to you, you should try Crossfit. The term crossfit includes a new workout that recently found its way from the USA to Europe. Crossfit is considered the hardest workout in the world. But don’t worry: even if the Crossfit is preceded by a reputation as hard as steel, you can still try it with the training. You won’t regret it.

Petite women with maximum power

Crossfit is not pure endurance or muscle training. With Crossfit you train maximum strength, speed, coordination, endurance and flexibility at the same time. All individual exercises are carried out either after a given number of repetitions or after time. The repetitions usually start with 50 without a break and then decrease to 40, 30, 20 up to 10 repetitions. If you thought you were fit, persevering and strong before the cross-fit, you will soon be taught better. However, this type of training does not depend on your physical stature. Small, petite women become strong heroines through intensive training, who can easily compete with a strong bodybuilder.

Successful combination of gymnastics, athletics and weightlifting

In the USA Crossfit is more than just a fitness trend. Training is part of business. Already in the 1980s a coach developed 60 functional exercises. These consist of the sports gymnastics, athletics and weight lifting. The combination of these three is the recipe for Crossfit’s success. However, the first Crossfit Studio was a long time in coming. It was not until 1995 that the start was in Santa Cruz. The operators of crossfit studios earn a lot of money in the USA. Franchise fees have exploded in recent years. A trend that is growing so fast is quickly attracting sponsors. And so the annual Crossfit Games are sponsored by Reebok, the well-known sports goods manufacturer. The winners of the games collect six-figure sums.

A basic fitness is required for the crossfit

That all sounds very good. But you certainly want to know what the prerequisites are for a future Crossfit disciple. The answer is as simple as it is logical: If you have spent the last few years on the couch and the longest walk from the front door to the car, then Crossfit is one size too big for you. But even if you go jogging three times a week or build up your muscles in the gym, you shouldn’t switch seamlessly to Crossfit. The training is so hard that they quickly overtax themselves. If you start with crossfitting, you should know your body well. So you need to know when you have overstrained yourself and your body needs a regeneration phase. With a crossfit, the risk of injury is very high. Before you start with crossfit training, you should therefore work out a basic fitness in the fitness studio. Only then will your body be up to the challenge.

Coaching protects against the risk of injury

There are numerous instructions on the Internet that offer interested parties the opportunity to start training immediately. Caution: As a beginner, the risk of sports injuries is too high. Start the training with a coach. Such a coach will first assess your individual fitness level. He will then put together your personal workout. Such a workout is very effective. If you train two to three times a week, your fitness and condition will improve enormously. Excess pounds tumble quickly on the way to the athletic body in a few weeks. Crossfit trainers report about pensioners who could beat a bike for the first time or did a handstand.

WOD as the core of crossfit training

Crossfit is basically the training of competitive athletes, which is made available to the masses. But how do you imagine a typical CrossFit unit to be? In a crossfit box, training is usually limited to a few people. This is important so that personal support is not neglected. The session starts with a greeting between coaches and athletes. Afterwards a warm-up phase takes place. In a subsequent technical part, the technical sequence of certain exercises of the workout is repeated. If you have already trained at home or in the gym, you know how important it is to perform the exercises cleanly. Incorrectly performed techniques can easily lead to injury. In order that no athlete has to go beyond his or her own stress limits, the wishes of the athletes are taken into account before the actual start. Then the workout begins. After the workout there is a cool down.

The WOD (Workout of the Day) is the core of the Crossfit training. This is determined by the trainer. The WOD consists of a minimum of 3 rounds. One round consists of 2 to 3 exercises. The laps are executed on time. To these exercises belong interval trainings, circuit trainings, maximum strength exercises or extensive technique sessions. When training in pairs, the partner pays attention to the correct execution and safety in addition to the trainer. A WOD lasts between 3 and 20 minutes.

The Workout Marathon

But what do the individual units of a workouts look like? Without wanting to shock you, here is a so-called hero workout to serve as an example. The workout “Murph” was named after a fallen US soldier. The athletes run one mile with a 10 kilogram vest. Then they do 100 pull-ups. But that’s not all: 200 push-ups follow the pull-ups. After that, the leg muscles are happy about 300 knee bends to walk another mile. If you’ve had enough of this pleasure, the all-clear is given. The “Murph” is an extreme example. Of course, this can also be done in the slimmed down version. With the Crossfit there is no limit to creativity. The training can be accomplished besides with all kinds of aids. This includes ropes, bags, medicine balls, car tires or rubber bands. The most important thing with a crossfit is that technique and consistency come before intensity.

Facebook groups form training communities

Although the trend of crossfitting comes from the USA, there are now also possibilities of training in Germany. These include Facebook groups. These associations in social networks have the advantage that you can find a group directly in your home region. This saves you long journeys. In addition, it is easier to train in society. You can get professional training in Crossfit Studios, also known as boxing. The monthly fee is about 100 Euro. Therefore you will be coached personally, which increases the effectiveness of the training. Most of the boxes are currently available in Berlin. But also in Bavaria the trend is spreading more and more. Further studios can be found in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Hamburg.

All in all the Crossfit offers you an effective possibility to steel your body. Not only the pounds tumble. The body gets a beautiful, attractive shape. Suddenly the jeans and shirts sit really sexy again. With the well-being also the self-confidence rises.