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The ICC World Test Series is a new competition that will take place between 2019 and 2021. A full list of participating teams is yet to be announced but the ICC recognized teams (12) can participate in the upcoming tournament. Even though the event is more than a year ahead, we have prepared the table for the upcoming event. Please mark this page as one of your favorites as we will be broadcasting the odds for the upcoming World Test Series.

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The ICC Test Championship is an international cricket competition organised by the International Cricket Council for the ten teams with test status. The competition is held as a ranking list, which includes all international tests held as part of the regular schedule. The home or away status is not taken into account.

Basic principle

After each test series, the participating teams receive a score, which is determined by a mathematical formula based on the strength of the teams and the series result. The points are weighted over a period of three years. The resulting ‘rating’ is used to create the ranking.

The score for a team that has won a series is greater than the team’s current score, so their score increases as they win. Conversely, this is the case for the losing team of the series. A draw means that the lower-rated team profits and the higher-rated team suffers losses in its rating. An ‘average’ team that evenly loses and wins and has a mix of stronger and weaker opponents has a rating of about 100 points with this system.

The ICC awards a trophy to the team with the highest rating. The trophy is awarded when a new team moves up to the top of the rankings.


Since 2001, the top of the table has been awarded the ICC Test Championship mace. It has a value of £30,000.

ICC World Test Championship

In July 2010, the managing director of the ICC, Haroon Lorgat, had proposed a tournament every four years between the four best teams to host a World Cricket Test Championship. The first proposal was that the tournament would be held in England instead of the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy, but this plan was postponed as the ICC was bound by existing contracts for broadcasting rights. Since then, the first edition of the tournament has been included in the future planning of the 2017 tournament calendar but it was cancelled and replaced by the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. On 13 October 2017, it was decided to introduce a test league. This league is to have the best nine test teams (i.e. excluding Afghanistan, Ireland and Zimbabwe) play against each other in a fixed format within two years from 2019. The two best teams will then play a final in April 2021.