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Considered as one of the major forms of throwing sport, Bowling has been known to be played during the middle ages. The game might look easy as the logic of the game is to hit the pins and try to topple them down with the use of a ball down a wooden lane. Today, Bowling is not only a popular sport, but it is one of the sports that people bet Bitcoins on. Though the sport might be listed in some sportsbook websites, it is not that popular compared to betting staples like Basketball or Football. We have provided different sporting events and leagues below along with their betting odds for your convenience.

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Bowls is a British ball sport. The word bowls is the English expression for “balls” (see Italian Boccia, French Boule). As usual in all ball games, the aim of the bowl is to place your own balls or bowls as close as possible to a target ball (called Jack or Kitty in the Bowls). Bowls are also called precision sports.


The oldest club in the world is the “Southampton Bowls Club”, whose written records date back to 1299, but Bowls was certainly played before that time.

According to an anecdote, Sir Francis Drake is said to have finished the running bowls game in 1588 after the news about the appearance of the Spanish Armada and before he started the attack. For the first time written rules to the Bowls, which partly still apply today, date from the year 1849 in a set of rules from Scotland. The first Bowls Association was founded in 1890 by Scottish immigrants in Australia, which was followed two years later by its own association in Scotland itself and in 1893 also in England.

Today Bowls is played in more than 40 countries, in the UK alone more than 2 million people play Bowls. Important nations are England/Scotland/Ireland, South Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Malaysia, China, etc. “Young” Bowls nations are France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, etc.. In many “original/colonial” countries, bowls are mostly played outdoors (“Lawn Bowls” or “Crown Green Bowls”) on greens. Lawn Bowls is an integral part of the Commonwealth Games.

Playing field

The green should be rectangular or square and between 31 and 40 meters long. The green can be divided into sections (Rinks = playing fields), which should be between 4.3 meters and 5.8 meters wide (outdoor play) and between 4.6 meters and 5.8 meters wide (indoor play). The field is marked by lines and poles at the edge. There is also a centre line.

When handing in the jack or ball, the player must stand on a mat, which should be 600 mm long and 360 mm wide. The first player places the jack on the center line at the beginning of each end, at least 2 m from the back ditch and 25 m from the front ditch.

Teams, formations

Mostly played in Bowls singles game. In addition, there are also formations of two (pairs game), three (triples game) and four (fours game). There are also side games, series of singles games, team games or side games as well as tournament of games.