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Also known as LEB Oro, was founded in 1996 and was previously known as LEB League. Wagers can now be placed with the current basketball clubs under this Spanish league which consists of teams like Actel Forca Lleida, CP Clavijo, CP Prat, ICL Manresa, Levites Huesca, and a whole lot more! Below are the upcoming odds for Spain LEP Oro.

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The Spanish Basketball League was the name given to the current competition of the basketball league championship -ACB league-, which was played from its inception in 1957 until it was replaced by it. Organized by the Spanish Basketball Federation, faced the best clubs in the national territory on an annual basis in a league system of all against all double round.

It was dissolved in 1983 when the clubs, organized in the recently created Asociación de Clubes Españoles de Baloncesto (ACEB), decided to organize a competition independent of the Federation that would greatly promote the professionalization and development of Spanish basketball. By means of sponsorship agreements and greater television coverage, the aim was to place the Spanish competition at the forefront of world basketball, in the same way as the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Despite being, formally, two different competitions with different rules and competition system, the new competition was considered as the successor of the First Division of the Spanish Basketball League of the FEB. That is why the historical calculation of the championships and the list of winners reflects a global score.


The First Division of the Spanish League of the FEB disputed between 1957 and 1983 was a “league” in the strict sense of the word. There was no play-off. All the participants (whose number increased over the years) faced each other according to the schedule established by a draw at the beginning of the season. When all the teams had faced the rest, the “second round” began. The teams faced each other again, following the same order of the calendar, but altering the field in which they played. In this way, all the teams faced each other twice, and once on each field.

The victory was worth two points and the tie one point (in those days the rules of basketball contemplated the tie to points).

At the end of the “second round” concluded the league and the first classified, the team that had scored more points, was proclaimed champion, and won the possibility of participating in the European Basketball Cup, organized by FIBA.

The teams classified in second, third and fourth place were invited to play the Korac Cup, except if any of them had won the Cadiz Cup or the King’s Basketball Cup, in which case they were invited to play the European Basketball Cup Winners’ Cup.

The last three classifieds descended to the First Division B of the League and left their place to the first three classifieds of this one, who ascended of category.

During the 27 seasons that the League was played, Real Madrid was the absolute dominator of the competition, winning 22 of the 27 editions. Only on five occasions was dethroned, and always by Catalan teams: FC Barcelona on three occasions, and Joventut Badalona on two.

Participating teams

In the 27 seasons between 1957 and 1983 a total of 45 teams competed in the First Division of the Spanish Basketball League.