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The Slovenska Košarkarska Liga or SKL is a Slovenian premiere basketball league where the best teams compete for the highest honor to be the best basketball team in Slovenia. The league is under FIBA Europe and was founded in 1991. Today, people are able to bet Bitcoins with teams such as Helios Suns, Hopsi Polzela, Krka, Petrol Olimpija, Tajfun, and a lot more! Below is the next Slovenia 1. A SKL game odds:

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A Slovenska košarkarska liga, also known as 1. A SKL, is the top men’s series of the Slovenian basketball championship. For reasons of sponsorship is also known as Liga UPC Telemach.


Magnifying glass icon mgx2.svg The same topic in detail: YUBA liga (1945-1992).

When Slovenia was part of socialist Yugoslavia, local teams participated in the Yugoslav championship. With the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the independence of the Slovenian state, the maximum basketball championship was also born.

The tournament consists of 13 clubs, the most famous of which is the Union Olimpija in Ljubljana.


The championship is divided into two phases, a regular season and a second phase, consisting of play-off and play-out.

In the first phase twelve of the thirteen teams take part, which face each other in an Italian round of round-trip. At the end of the regular season each team has played 22 games, and, depending on the position in the standings, necessarily access to the playoffs or playouts. Note that the rankings drawn up in the second phase of the season do not take into account the points obtained in the regular season.

The team “excluded” from this first phase, the “thirteenth”, is the one that represents the country in the Euroleague (currently is the Union Olimpija): this team has the right to enter the game only in the second phase of the tournament, that of the playoffs.

The first seven teams of the regular season join the Union Olimpija, forming an Italian-style group of eight teams that face each other for a total of 14 games each. At this point the first four of the round of 8 advance to the semifinals, played at their best in the three games. The final, at the best of the five games, decrees the team champion of Slovenia.

The last five teams of the regular season, however, take part in a mini-circle Italian style between them, with round-trip, for a total of a further 8 games for each club. At the end of the short tournament, the last team of the mini-classification is relegated to 1. B SKL, the second series, and is replaced by the first classified in 1. The penultimate of the mini-circle, however, plays another short tournament with the second and third classified of the 1. B SKL, for a total of 3 games for each team. The first ranked player in this round of 3 has access to (or remains in) 1. TO SKL.