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The National Basketball Association is considered the highest basketball league in the world. Today we are now able to bet on our favorite teams by using the provided betting odds below. Please be advised that Bitcoin betting is now available for NBA games provided on the list of Sportsbook websites. Bet on teams like Celtics, Bulls, Lakers, Mavericks, Wizards, Cavaliers, Golden State, and a lot more!

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There are many people who love the fast North American sports and the idea of going to a LA Kings game. The Staples Center is a dream of a stadium on the California coast and the real fans know all the statistics of their favorite team out of their heads! If you are one of these people, then you are a true fan. For those of you who don’t know this yet and would like to know more about the famous ice hockey team from Los Angeles, we have provided some facts here.

The birth of a sport and a way of life

The NBA was founded in 1946 in New York. It became the first league with games in large premises and large cities. The first official season started in 1949 with the establishment of the name. The fact that the sport was mainly played by white players became clear in 1950 with the formation of Chuck Cooper at Boston Celtics. Basketball quickly became a multicultural sport, known for its extraordinary diversity. The Minneapolis Lakers were the leading team in the early years, winning five titles in six years. The 1960s were the beginning of great champions like Wilt Chamberlain, Rebound Superstar Bill Russell Rebounds and the rivalry between these two top players. The year 1967 became known as the Year of Talent War because another league, the American Basketball Association, was dissolved and many teams had to find a new future. The competition continued to evolve with new teams and the adaptation of competition rules that made basketball more and more spectacular.

In fact, the rules established by the NBA increased the success of the sport among the general public. One of the first rules was the 24-second rule in 1954. This simple rule states that if a team does not attack within 24 seconds when in possession of the ball, the team loses the ball and it is awarded to the opponent. This rule made the game more dynamic and increased the speed of the sport, which became even more popular. In 1979, the famous 3-point line was considered and introduced by the NBA. The attacker who stood behind this line and scored a goal earned 3 instead of 2 points for his team. The distance was large, so the players who could shoot best had a lead. This kind of typical American lines marked the typical American development of the game, in addition to a number of special features for basketball, including duration and playing culture.

NBA: Sports events throughout the year!

The organization of the championship makes basketball fans on the other side of the Atlantic happy, they can enjoy the games all year round! The season starts in the summer training camp for the selection of new players (rookies) and the preparation for the season. The ceremony for the beginning of the season will take place in October with the crowning of the winners of the last season. The regular season takes place between November and April. Prizes for individual achievements are earned throughout the season. Each team plays 82 games, the teams play against each other in groups and the best teams fight each other later in the playoffs. In February, the season is interrupted by the NBA All-Star Game Weekend, where the best NBA players compete against each other during the All-Star Games.

The Play-Offs: At the end of the regular NBA season, there will be a big event that all fans are looking forward to! These playoffs consist of 4 groups of 16 teams and take place in June each year. The winners of the groups will compete against each other in the semi-finals and then in the NBA Conference Final. The winner of the final is the best team of the year and wins the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The NBA uses an arbitration system invented in the play-offs: The first team to win the four games wins the series. The play-offs were first played in 1947 and the Philadelphia Warriors won the battle against the Chicago Stags! The Americans are specialists in sports statistics; currently the Chicago Bulls have the best team, closely followed by the Spurs, Celtics and Pistons.

A championship that resonates internationally

It is often said that every NBA final is a world championship because the level of play of American players is unique and unprecedented. The media coverage of the regular season and especially the playoffs is impressive. The website is one of the most visited sports sites. Fans can vote about the players and participation in the All Star Games. In 1999, the NBA TV Top was founded and broadcast in over 40 countries. NBA games have been broadcast by Canal+ Europe since 1984 and reflect the importance of sport beyond the borders of the USA and its popularity in Europe. Each NBA final is attended by 14 to 25 million viewers and tickets for the game are available at horrendous prices. The best seats along the sidelines reach prices of $28,000!

In addition to sporting events, the NBA is a symbol of the US influence in the world. Players also travel through other countries during the Global Games and each time they show their sporting dominance in the countries they visit. In addition, there are many international players who would like to play in the NBA to earn well and get recognition. Some like Dutchman Rik Smits, Spaniard Pau Gasol and Frenchman Tony Parker have made their dream come true and played alongside greats like LeBron James. It’s not easy, but sports stars also embody the American dream! NBA players are big stars who inspire the Punlikum, especially through contracts with several trend brands. The NBA brand itself is very well suited to present this lifestyle and share it with fans in the United States and the rest of the world.