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The Adriatic League (ABA) is a professional basketball league in the Balkan states and was founded way back in 2001. There are twelve teams in this league namely KK Crvena, KK Partizan, KK Cedetiva, KK Mega Basket, and 8 more teams. Now bettors are able to bet on their favorite Balkan team with the use of their Bitcoins. Take advantage of the provided Adriatic League Odds below:

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The Adriatic Basketball League, also known as the ABA League, is a national league in which clubs mainly from the former Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia play for the basketball championship. Since 2012, the Macedonian champions have also taken part in the championship. In addition, visiting teams took part, including the Hungarian champions and the Bulgarian champions. Other visiting teams came from the Czech Republic and Israel, such as Maccabi Tel Aviv. The league body is a full member of the ULEB. Currently two teams from the league participate in the ULEB Euroleague and two in the ULEB Eurocup. With a total of twelve championships, the clubs from Serbia have won the most titles so far, including record champions Partizan Belgrade with six championships. It is currently one of the strongest leagues in Europe.

History of the league

After the civil war in the former Yugoslavia, each country of the disintegrated state founded its own league. The advantage of this was the rivalry between the clubs in the individual countries and the low number of fan riots. However, it quickly became clear that due to the disintegration of the country and the loss of the once strong Yugoslav league, the interest disappeared, there were only two to three well-known clubs per country, which constituted the champion among themselves. Falling spectator numbers, players who preferred to try their luck abroad, and increasingly poorer quality in the domestic leagues forced the responsible persons to take action. The idea of a national league came up, but the time was not yet ripe. The wounds and memories of the war were still too painful.

In addition, there was the problem of financial viability. Also such a competition had to be approved by the FIBA. The competition was also to be interesting for the individual clubs, both financially and in terms of sport. FIBA was asked to let the winner of the competition play directly into a European competition in the following year. In the meantime, this has also been approved. Also a main sponsor was found and the competition was approved. In the year 2001/2002 the first season of the Goodyearliga started.

In the 2nd season, 2002/2003, one team left the league and was replaced by Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel). Maccabi also left the league a year later, but it was expanded to 14 teams in 2003/2004 and 16 teams in 2004/2005. In the 2005/2006 season it was reduced again to 14 teams. After 5 years the contract with the main sponsor had expired. Goodyear only became a side sponsor and lost the name rights to the league. Since the 2006/07 season Nova Ljubljanska banka (NLB) is the new main sponsor, consequently the league is now called NLB League. Over time, the quality of the league increased drastically, which became noticeable in the European competitions, so that the large clubs in the region were able to pick up on the better days in Yugoslavia. Today it is called ABA-Liga again, has in the season 2015/16 two participants in the ULEB Euroleague and two in the ULEB Eurocup, and belongs meanwhile to the strongest leagues of Europe.

Main Sponsors

The league changes its name with the new main sponsor. The first main sponsor was Goodyear, hence the name Goodyearliga. Slovenia’s largest bank Nova Ljubljanska Banka (NLB) followed. Today it is again called the ABA League.

Mode of the competition

The first and second rounds are played. The mode of the subsequent rounds has been changed several times:

In the first three seasons, the four best placed teams qualified directly for the Final Four. In the 2004/2005 and 2005/06 seasons, a Final Eight took place instead of the Final Four, but it was still played in one city and in a simple knockout system (i.e. without outward and return legs). In 2006/07, the final round was reduced to four teams again, but this time they played against each other in play-off mode best of three. Since the 2007/08 season, the final round has been played as Final Four again.

Depending on the performance of the individual countries, the new number of participants for each country will be determined after each season. In the new season, the top ranked players from the domestic leagues will move up to the starting positions.