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One of the most watched sports today would be Basketball. No doubt that the NBA has not only amused the fans around the world, the league has single-handedly inspired nations to play their best in the sport and aspire to play in the best league which is the NBA. Basketball was first played in Tennessee in 1893 and everything after that became history. Traces of the sports date back to ancient Mayan civilization, which makes it even more awesome. The hype, pure talent and grit are what makes fans bet on their favorite basketball team. Good thing is that most of the sportsbook websites today include Basketball betting lines from all over the world. With that being said, we have provided below different Basketball events/Leagues along with their betting odds for your convenience.

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Basketball is one of the top 5 most popular sports betting on. The Beko BBL, i.e. the German Bundesliga, are the most popular leagues alongside the NBA from the USA. Then there is the Euroleague Basketball, a kind of Champions League.

The whole thing is then rounded off by other leagues, which not every provider has in its programme and the international tournaments such as the European Championship or World Cup, as well as Olypmipa.

At bwin you have almost every league in the program that exists. So if you are familiar with them, you will undoubtedly have fun here. In this article, however, we would like to deal less with the individual leagues, that some sports sites can do much better.

Rather, we would like to explain the rules and bet types for basketball betting, so that you know what to look out for here, but also what is possible and what you can bet.

Standard basketball bets

The easiest bet you can play is the classic 2 way win bet. Here you simply determine the winner of the game without a draw. A handicap bet is also welcome, here the handicaps are quite different depending on the betting provider and game.

It usually goes on the points and they are then often over or under a certain value, which depends on the playing strengths of the respective teams. Other standard bets include the following:

  • Is the total number of points even or odd?
  • How many points are scored in regular time?
  • Who is the first team with 20 points?
  • Winning bet on the first half of the game
  • Handicap bet on the first half or quarter of the lot
  • Total score on the first half or the first quarter of the game
  • 3 way bet for the first half or the regular game
  • In which quarter are the most points scored?
  • In which half are more points scored?
  • What is the winning advantage of the winning team?
  • Is the game overtime or not?

Live bets and larger events offer a lot more bets. But that also depends on the bookmaker and whether he specializes in basketball or not. During the game, basketball is very exciting because the odds on live bets sometimes change a lot when teams fall behind.

Special features that you should know about betting on basketball and that apply to many betting offices. The games have to be played at the place where they were originally scheduled.

Rules for game cancellations

If this is not the case, it is often the case that either the bet retains its validity because the home team is still identified as such on another field, or the bets generally lose validity if the venue changes at short notice.

As I said, it depends on the bookmaker. Postponements or cancellations are often still counted if a new appointment has taken place within 72 hours, otherwise not. The 1st half in basketball includes the 1st and 2nd quarters, the 2nd half the 3rd and 4th quarters.

So far so simple, but we wouldn’t write it down if it didn’t serve as a basis for the following: extensions count for all basketball bets at the 2nd half time (unless it’s an extra bet like the “half time/end time” bet) and also for all tips for the 4th quarter (again there can be exceptions like a bet on the “quarter with the highest number of points”).

What can happen is that a game in basketball is abandoned or has to be abandoned. If this is the case, bookmakers proceed differently. Some are not counted, even if there is only 1 minute left to play, but it is often the case that a 5 minute rule is applied. Everything that is less than 5 minutes is scored, but this still leads to the scoring of the game, above that not.

Rules for game duration

Note that different leagues have different durations (NBA 48 or WNBA only 40). With live bets, it is often the case that the game must be officially ended for it to be valid. Premature aborts do not count. 2 way bets and a draw usually mean that the single bets are refunded by the provider and credited to the betting account.

Bets placed before the game include an overtime at most betting offices, unless otherwise stated on the betting form, this usually also applies to bets placed on the second half of the game. 3-way bets are valued on the basis of the final score shown at the end of the regular playing time.

Special basketball bets

Here in important matches different bets on players and their achievements are offered directly during the game. In basketball, these include points, free throws, rebounds, assists and blocks. For bets to be valid in this way, the following circumstances must be met:

The player(s) who are involved in the bet must enter the pitch in the dress of the team designated to them and must also be on the field. If either of the two aspects is not the case, bets cannot be settled.

There are few circumstances where this may not be the case, but an injured player with a jersey is not sufficient if he does not play. In this type of special betting on individual players, the possible overtime is always a fixed component, unless a bookmaker indicates otherwise.

In order to complete the scores, the game performances at Head to Heads are directly compared with each other. Possible handicaps are added or subtracted to the individual players and then the final result is determined.

A special form for the high performers and team leaders, as well as for all all-rounder players is a bet called double or triple double. Here the important categories points, assists, steals, rebounds and blocks are used and a player must reach in 2 or in 3 of these categories a value previously determined by the bookmaker. Usually it is 10 points, but it can also be 15 points.

Betting on teams

In a group bet on the team with the highest number of points, the points are always valid until the time when the match is regularly finished or abandoned. If the team does not appear at the venue at the time scheduled, bets will be void.

Bets on players / fouls

You can bet on fouls from time to time. Here the bet has a single player reference and is evaluated according to league (USA = 6 fouls and rest of the world = 5 fouls). If a player is officially removed from the field after several fouls and reaching these thresholds, the bet is valid and will be rated.

Technical fouls are usually not included in this bet, nor are other exclusions of the protagonist from the game. If we talk about the first foul in a game, a half time or a quarter, all types of fouls, including technical and personal, are included. Follow-up fouls are subject to the same consideration by the bookmaker.

Live basketball betting

For live betting, it is important to check whether an extension is included or not. Furthermore, the topic of abandoning a game varies from bookmaker to bookmaker. For some, the game must be over for the live bet to be valid, for others it is ok if there were not more than 5 minutes left on the clock at the time of the interruption.

Half time bets are similar. For one bookmaker it must be officially closed for validity, the other accepts 5 minutes or less on the clock. In the case of the quarters, it is actually the same everywhere in the context of live bets, the quarter must be officially played to the end.

NBA long term bets

For the NBA some have certain long-term bets in the program. Mainly these are bets on the number of victories of a team or a comparison of victories to classic head to head bets. However, the bookmakers will determine in advance how many matches of the regular season have to be played by the team in order for the team to be included in the ranking.

In the NBA, 80 or 75 is often the sound limit. If this is not the case, the bet is void and will be cancelled. If, for example, the champion of the league has been bet here and the season is shortened or is shortened for some reason, the matches completed up to that point count in conjunction with the team officially crowned champion.

Tournament Special Bets

In tournament betting, there is one point that can be mentioned. If you bet on who comes furthest in a knock-out round. In Head to Heads and tie by knockout in the same round or phase of the tournament, bets will be void.

There are certainly some more special cases, but we believe that we have covered many aspects of basketball betting extensively. The betting office likes to change its policies but you have no choice but to follow these changes at your favourite betting office.