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One of the most popular games in the world today has a really interesting history behind it. Baseball was first placed in the 18th century and far from its “homeland” today. Generally, when people talk about Baseball, one country would automatically be in mind, United States. But did you know that it did not originate in the United States? Yes, that’s true. But despite its origins, the Americans treat it as their own and people love watching the game. This is why all of the sportsbook websites today will always have Baseball betting lines available to place wagers at. Below are the available leagues and sporting events under Baseball along with their upcoming betting odds.

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Baseball – simple and understandable

Baseball has one thing in common with football: the rules are for some women to tussle with their hair. It’s a very interesting sport once you’ve seen through it. EnjoyLiving explains the basic rules in order to make the sport also appealing to women. Men can certainly learn something at the same time – unless, of course, they are already absolute professionals.

The game principle is simplified

A baseball game requires two teams of nine players each. Several times alternately, one of the teams has the right to drive and can score points. For a better understanding, the team that is on the stroke can be called Offense. Points are called runs. The opposing team of the offense is called Defense. Defense is the defense in German and tries to defend the field – as the name suggests.

The pitcher of the defense throws the ball to the battery of the offense. If the battery hits, he has to reach the next position – the base – as fast as possible clockwise. Altogether there are three bases. If the battery reaches the third base and its starting position – the home plate – before the defense was able to hold the previously hit ball, the offense – the battery – has achieved a run.

The goal of the game is to achieve more runs – points – than the opponent.

If the defense has managed to get the ball under control faster than the battery has reached the next base, the player in the offense is eliminated. If the battery does not hit the ball or if it is not on a base, it can be removed from play by touching the ball and is therefore out. If three players are out of the offense team, both teams change. The change is called half inning. An entire round is an inning. The away team is always first offense. The game ends after a total of nine innings.

The art of throwing and hitting

You know the rough gameplay now. However, there are still some details you should know if you want to learn more about baseball or want to play it yourself.

The pitcher throws the ball from about 18 meters distance through the Strike Zone to his catcher. The catcher is also the captain of the defense team. He stands – roughly speaking – behind the battery and catches the balls that it does not hit. So the pitcher throws the ball in such a way that the battery cannot hit it or can only hit it weakly.

If the pitcher manages to throw the ball into the strike zone three times without the battery hitting the ball, the battery is out. The Strike Zone is located above the Home Plate and is limited by the batters chest and knee height.

If the battery hits a foul, this is also a strike for the pitcher. A shot is considered a foul if the battery hits the ball so lightly that it hits outside the playing field. If the ball leaves the stadium outside the playing field – i.e. to the right or left of it – this is also referred to as a foul. However, this only applies as soon as the ball touches the ground. As long as the ball is in the air, it can be caught and is therefore in play. However, a foul can never be counted as a third strike, i.e. as a strikeout. In this case the throw would simply be repeated. The only exception is the foul tip. The ball is hit so lightly that it flies in a line towards the catcher and is caught by the catcher. If the ball flies in a high arc through the air and is caught by the catcher only then, it is a fly out.

Now it gets hairy

To hit the ball there is one more thing you have to pay attention to. If the pitcher does not hit the strike zone, it is a ball. If the battery hits this ball but does not hit it, it is considered a strike. If the battery recognizes such a throw in time and does not hit it, the throw remains a ball.

If a pitcher passes four balls, the battery may go to first base. This is called a walk. If there is already a runner on the first base, he can move on to the second base and so on. If a player goes through all bases after one stroke, this is called a home run.

Let’s go to the next game

Now you know at least the most important rules of a baseball game and are ready to cheer on your team – and have a say! You don’t need anyone to explain every move, you know yourself. If you feel like playing with your friends and acquaintances, you can explain the rules to them right away.