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A cross between Ice Hockey and Field Hockey is called Bandy. Bandy also knew as Winter Football was first played in 1813 in England. Why is it a cross between two popular sports? Well, Bandy is played on an ice-covered field and the players use a round ball with curved sticks, just like in field hockey. Surprisingly, the sport comes second to ice hockey as the most popular winter sports in the world. People love to bet on team sports due to its nature of competitiveness, making bandy a sport you should be placing wagers at. With that being said, below are available sporting events and leagues along with their available betting odds.

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What’s Bandy?

Bandy is a ball and team sport that is played on ice. Bandy is the forerunner of today’s ice hockey and is played today mainly in Northern and Eastern Europe as well as in North America. In Sweden Bandy is the third largest team sport, the most successful national team is the men’s team of Russia.

The rules of Bandy are more like those of football and hockey than those of ice hockey. The playing field is the size of a football pitch, the Rinkbandy variant is played on smaller playing fields in ice rinks.

The forerunner of the bandy already existed in the Middle Ages. Already in the 13th century, a ball game called bandyja was covered with rackets on ice, in Iceland a similar game called Knatteikr was played in the 9th century. Since the middle of the 18th century the existence of the bandy game can be proved in nearly the today’s form. A related variant is the Scottish Shinty. Bandy was never a pure male sport, since its emergence there have been women’s teams.

The modern bandy was created at the beginning of the 19th century in the Fens in the east of England. The first clubs were the Bury Fen Bandy Club, where 1790 bandy games were already mentioned, Sheffield United (1855) and Nottingham Forest (1865). Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire developed into Bandy strongholds. In 1875 the first regular match was held at the Crystal Palace in London. The National Bandy Association was founded in 1891, and the game spread rapidly throughout Europe, not least due to the pioneering work of C. G. Tebbutt of Bury Fen. The first international match was a match between Great Britain and the Netherlands in 1891.

In Germany the first Bandy club was founded in 1901, the Charlottenburger Eislaufverein, which played its games in winter on the Spree dam. Further clubs were the Leipziger-HK, BFC Preussen, Academic-SC and Viktoria from Berlin. Bandy has been played in Switzerland since 1880. From 1894, the duel between St. Moritz and Davos was one of the annual winter sports attractions. The first leagues were in Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Russia (1898), Norway (1903), Sweden (1907) and Finland (1908). Many of the early clubs played field hockey in the summer and bandy in the winter.

Most of the bandy teams later switched to ice hockey

Already in 1913 the first European Championship took place in Switzerland (Davos), which England won. The International Bandy Federation was founded in 1955. 1952 was Bandy demonstration sport at the Olympic Winter Games in Oslo, since 1957 World Championships are organized.

The development of the Bandy sport was stopped with the First World War. Since the Bandy pitch is the size of a football pitch and therefore has to be played outdoors, Bandy could not assert itself in countries with moderate winters in the long term and was replaced by ice hockey with the advent of ice rinks. Later, however, Rinkbandy was developed, a variant that is played on smaller surfaces.

German Bandy Federation

After the first failed attempt between 1990 and 1991 to found the national Bandy Association and become a member of the FIB, the German Bandy Association was newly founded in 2013.

In the same year, the national federation also became a member of the International Bandy Federation. This membership also paved the way for the first participation of the German national team in a Bandy World Championship. This took place in 2014 in Irkutsk, Russia. The German national team occupied 15th place. In the following year the German players were already 12. The coronation followed now at the world championship 2016 in Uljanowsk. There the Germans became B-World Champions and were allowed to play in the Bandy elite in Sweden in 2017. In Sandviken, Sweden, the German team kept the class and continues to play with the best!