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Human beings are born to compete for the use of their physical and mental prowess. One of the most watched and betted sports in the world today would be Athletics. In Athletics, players/teams are able to compete in sports like running, jumping, throwing, and walking. The ultimate sport is when a player does not need a ball, puck, or stick to have an advantage against an opponent. Everything is strictly won by the player’s sole competitiveness and physical and mental strength. We have provided below all the available sporting events and leagues under Athletics along with the upcoming betting odds.

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2000 athletes, more than 200 nations and 47 disciplines: the World Athletics Championships in London, the capital of England, will be quite a spectacle.

For the 16th time, athletes compete against each other to win the world championship titles. The tournament runs from August 5th to 13th and takes place in London’s Olympic Stadium. The preparations are currently in full swing. The circuit will be checked and the sand renewed. At such an athletics world championship many things have to be considered.

Did you know that athletics is divided into different disciplines? There are four areas: Running, jumping, throwing and all-around. And imagine: Each of these disciplines has several subgroups. For example, different distances are run, some even with obstacles. In the throwing disciplines the athletes work with different equipment. Athletics is, apart from relay races, an individual sport. Each athlete is specialized in one field. We will tell you which sports athletics is composed of.

Throwing: Ball, Hammer, Spear

Here it is important to hurl your launcher as far as possible. The thrower with the greatest distance wins the shot-put, which is about hitting a metal ball as far as possible. The ball weighs about seven kilos for men and four kilos for women. To throw it, you need strength and the right technique.

The discus thrower aims to throw the discus far. To do this, the athlete turns around himself in a ring one and a half times and releases the discus, a round flat disc. So he can take up momentum.

Hammer throwing is also a throwing discipline. But the hammer is not a tool. It consists of a metal ball, a steel cable and a handle. The thrower lets the hammer circle with both hands and turns around its own axis. When he has built up enough momentum, he lets it go.

Spear throwing is also one of the oldest disciplines. A spear up to 2.80 metres long is thrown as far as possible. The athletes are allowed to take a run-up. The spear must first hit the ground with its metal tip. The best spear throwers reach almost 100 meters.

Running: sprint, hurdles, relay

The running competitions are mainly held on the 400 metre long, oval circuit. They are divided into sprint, medium and long distance running, hurdle running, relay running and walking.

Sprint is the oldest discipline. It is about running a short distance as fast as possible. The start is from the low start, i.e. from the squatting position. The judges start the race and decide on false starts if the athletes start too early, for example. In a sprint everyone has his own part of the track. He is not allowed to leave them. The sprint champion is Usain Bolt. He is the fastest man in the world.

Medium- and long-distance runners start from a standing start. They are allowed to use all tracks and need a lot of endurance. The first to finish wins. The hurdles differ only in one characteristic from the sprint and long-distance disciplines. There are obstacles on the course that you have to jump over.

In the relay race there is a team of four sprinters. They run one after the other. They hand over the baton to the next runner until everyone has covered their distance. Here it depends on accuracy and speed. Whoever loses the baton may pick it up again.

When walking, at least one foot must always touch the ground. This rule leads to the fact that the athletes have to walk strangely. There are judges who pay attention to the correct gait and issue warnings in the event of violations.

All around

All around is a combination of several sports. Participants must achieve good results in running, long jump and throwing. The men must compete in decathlon, i.e. ten sports. These include: 100 metres, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 metres, 110 metres hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw and 1500 metres.

The women have seven competitions, one heptathlon. These include: 100 metres hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 metres, long jump, javelin throwing and 800 metres. As the all-around competition is very strenuous, it is held on two days.


In pole vaulting, the athletes press against the pole over an obstacle.

The jumping competitions consist of high jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump, in which you have to jump over a bar placed on two stands. It falls down at the slightest touch. In the course of a competition, the bar is set higher and higher. There are three attempts for each height. If you don’t succeed after three attempts, you are eliminated. The jumper who has jumped the highest height wins.

Even pole jumpers have to jump over a bar. However, they have an aid in the form of a bendable pole. With this the jumper starts and punches into the puncture box in front of the mat. The stick bends and catapults the athlete upwards. Now he can let go of the stick and roll his legs over the bar. He can jump over a bar up to six meters high.

The name says it all – when jumping long, you should jump as far as possible. You jump into a sand pit away from the running track. The jump takes place at a take-off bar. The jumper may not cross this bar, otherwise the attempt is invalid. The jumper leaves a mark in the sand. The distance between beam and impression is measured. The triple jump is a variation of the long jump. It is a sequence of three jumps.